BBVA inaugurates another spectacular mega-branch office in Bilbao in an old space of El Corte Inglés

BBVA bet strongly on megasucursales. The Basque entity has opened one of its new Customer Banking Centers at number 24 of Ercilla de Bilbao street. It will be the largest in Spain with more than 2,000 square meters and a workforce of 98 employees. And its goal is to serve 20,000 customers.

The BBVA bank space reflects the progress towards a branch model that, in the words of its managers, supports "multichannel and specialization to respond to customers in real time, through the channel they choose, and in a transparent and personalized way ".

This is how the director of the Northern Territory of BBVA, Carlos Gorria.

BBVA currently has about 60 macrosucursales of this type in Spain, which is being implemented in the provincial capitals, which implies, as in the case of Bilbao, the closing of the small branches that are less than five minutes walk from the new Centers Customer Banking The staff working in the new Ercilla store comes from other branches of the bank, which has submitted its application in the internal exchange to work in this location.

The new store, located in a historic site that once hosted Preciados Galleries and later El Corte Inglés, has been rented by BBVA for a prolonged period of years.

The new office has eight state-of-the-art ATMs to carry out all daily banking activities, both income and cash withdrawals, as operations on receipts, transfers, mobile recharges or inquiries.

It also has 17 meeting rooms to make personal arrangements with customers, and informal rooms for those procedures that require less privacy. In addition, a welcome manager attends to the client since entering the office, so that he feels accompanied at all times.

The four boxes serviced by bank staff are open until half past two in the afternoon, while personal attention by appointment for more specialized efforts serves until six in the afternoon.

Gorria stressed that this new facility offers services of "maximum specialization, in an innovative and sustainable space". As an example, he cited the practical absence of cabinets, since digitalization avoids the use of paper, with the environmental improvement that this entails.

In this renewed Customer Banking Center (CBC) it is the same manager who serves the client, regardless of the channel he chooses on each occasion, whether digital, telephone or face-to-face.

"These are workspaces that seek to offer the best customer experience, naturally integrating the most advanced technologies with the best of human treatment, where technology and sustainability are differential aspects," he said.

The director of the Northern Territorial of BBVA has stressed that "customers are increasingly using digital and remote channels, while demanding greater specialization in financial services." "That is why, in this new space, the different channels with which our clients interact with us are naturally integrated, without renouncing human and specialized treatment when they need it," he stressed.

The new offices in Spain are part of a global project of the bank to offer "maximum convenience" to customers. From the conception of the project, BBVA implemented different sustainability strategies in its design and construction to generate a positive impact on the environment. They are spaces with energy efficiency systems, without files or bins, with the aim of moving towards paperless spaces and with a selective collection of waste.


BBVA was a pioneer ten years ago in the development of a relationship model based on Customer Banking Centers, service spaces in which specialization and proximity were combined to respond to a new client "increasingly connected and informed ".

In October 2015, the first Customer Banking Centers 2.0 (CBC’s) were created. At that time, CBC’s manage to manage customers through all channels, face-to-face, remote and digital, with the aim of offering the best customer experience, driving the BBVA Contigo remote management model in a decisive way.

Now, the entity has taken a step further evolving this model of multi-channel offices to spaces of maximum specialization, sustainability and advanced technologies.