Begoña Gómez, Isabel Torres, Malú, Irene Montero or Lidia Bedman, which woman of the political leaders will occupy the Moncloa Palace?

The elections are already here and not only can change the lives of political leaders, but also that of their partners

Sunday November 10. The big date with the polls has arrived, again. An important day for all Spaniards. But more important if it fits for the leaders of each party and their families, it may be that the result of a turnaround in their lives and they have to pack to move to Moncloa. Pedro Sanchez is already accommodated in the Palace, but yes Pablo Casado, Albert Rivera, Pablo Iglesias or Santiago Abascal if he won the game, he would have to give up his now home and change the famous bed mattress again. Let's meet one a join the women who will accompany you on this political adventure:

Begoña Gómez

Begoña Gómez in a file image / Gtres

The current president of the government and his wife, Begoña Gómez, They are perhaps the most played. If the PSOE was not the party chosen by the electorate to govern, he would have to leave what has been his home since June 2018. And next to him, Begoña, who, as LOOK advanced at the time, left his job to dedicate her life to accompany her husband and take advantage of the status of 'first lady' to get involved in social work of a very different nature.

It had only been a few weeks since Sanchez swore before the King his position and Begoña had already made the decision to take a leave as a consulting director in the Inmark group. She, from the moment her husband began to take relevance in the game, has been there, is her main support, an act is not lost and she has no problem with the cameras focusing on her. She feels comfortable in her role and with her two daughters, it is the most important thing for her husband, something she always makes clear. Will they have to change their lives after the election results?

Isabel Torres Orts

Pablo Casado Isabel Torres
Pablo Casado and Isabel Torres / Gtres

The wife of Pablo Casado, leader of the PP, is perhaps the most unknown of the women of the current party leaders. He will live the nerves of an election for the second time. She is 38 years old, Valencian and daughter of the founder of the successful candy company Damel. He married Pablo in 2009 and they have a daughter and a son. Those who know her say she is a discreet and shy woman. He studied psychopedagogy at the Autonomous University of Madrid and since the end of the career he has been dedicated to it, currently in a school in the north of Madrid.

She does not hesitate to be next to her husband when the occasion requires it and her obligations allow it. An example of this is the last debate. He does not mind appearing but prefers a discreet background than an obvious protagonism. It is defined in its social networks as ‘psychologist, psychopedagogue and mother’, knowledge that may be helpful if finally the four members of his family take a radical turn in his life and move to the Spanish española White House ’, Moncloa.


Malú, in a file image / Gtres.

On February 20, the magazine ‘Semana’ unveiled the relationship between Albert Rivera and singer Malú. Surprising news that two months later those involved confirmed letting themselves be seen together at the exit of the hospital. In January, Albert and his ex-partner, Beatriz Tajuelo ended their courtship and just two days ago, in an interview, he admitted to having started a new relationship.

Malú began in the world of the song with just 16 years of the hand of Alejandro Sanz. In 1998 he recorded ‘Apprentice’ the album that made it known success, and since then has not stopped. When it comes to his musical career it is an open book, however, when the conversation focuses on his Sentimental situation closes in band. He has never attended a public event with a partner or made a single statement about it.

If the information is true and Citizens, the party led by Rivera, won these elections, it would be a problem for the couple, because if Malu wanted to move with Albert, he would have to assume his role as ‘first lady’, because It seems insurmountable if they live in the Moncloa Palace.

Irene Montero

Irene Montero
Irene Montero in a file image / Gtres

Pablo Iglesias' partner, Irene Montero, will undoubtedly be one of the most excited, nervous and uncertain about this election day. Well, besides having a relationship with the leader of United We Can It is an active part of the direction of the party. With that, if they won the elections, not only would they change their place of residence and life on a personal level, they would also change it on a labor level.

In addition, the couple is currently experiencing a very special moment. Irene last August gave birth to a girl and they were already parents of two twins who were born prematurely in July 2018. The couple, despite having become large family, only has two years of relationship, but forms a perfect tandem both inside and outside the home. Can you imagine leaving your controversial villa in Galapagar to live in Moncloa?

Lidia Bedman

Lidia Bedman
Lidia Bedman in an image of her social networks / Instagram

Santiago Abascal, leader of VOX, this year seems to have taken more relevance than ever on the road to Moncloa. However, he keeps, very secretly, his personal life. Lidia Bedman officially became his wife in June 2018 in a massive ceremony in which not all the influential friends of Alicante and many of his party partners were missing.

It's not hard to meet Bedman, After studying Advertising and Public Relations, he has dedicated himself to the world of social networks. He has a maternity blog and his Instagram is very focused on fashion, both adult and child. The two children they had before marriage are the protagonists of his wall of images and his facet as a mother is what gives him content for his publications.

However, there is no mention of politics in the networks of Lidia, and in the images that her husband leaves, he is either on his back, or they cover their faces. It is evident that They prefer to keep their professional facets separate. Will Lidia Bedman be prepared for the turn her life can take if VOX, against all odds, had the most votes after the ballot count?