Belén Esteban reappears after the death of Fran Álvarez

The stability of Bethlehem Esteban took an unexpected turn last Sunday February 9 when the news of the sad death of Fran Álvarez, ex-husband of the collaborator was known.

Belén Esteban arriving from Tenerife after a few days away from the media storm that has unleashed the death of Fran Álvarez / GTRES

The turbulent love story that the marriage lived made both of them tell their different versions in different media unleashing a war that has been reduced to ashes with the tragic news. Bethlehem Esteban received the news of Fran's death while he was at home and, although she has not spoken, her environment has told that que the princess of the town ’was in state of shock and could not but cry Hearing what happened.

Miguel Marcos arriving in Madrid after a vacation / GTRES
Miguel Marcos arriving in Madrid after a vacation / GTRES

Although both she and her current partner, the paramedic Miguel Marcos, continued with the plans they already had and they traveled to Tenerife To enjoy a few days of rest previously scheduled, it seems that their stay in the Canary Islands has not completely relaxed the marriage, which upon arrival in Madrid was defensive with the press that was waiting for them.

Before the questions of the journalists Belén Esteban wanted to make clear his decision not to speak, as can be seen in the video, and although he works in the middle and understands that his colleagues have to ask, the former Jesulín de Ubrique showed that the subject of the death of his ex-husband is something so delicate that he manages to bring out Its most distant version.

Fran Alvarez

The farewell of the hotelier did not have the presence of his most media partner, but it has been known that Fran Álvarez's sister received a warm message from who her sister-in-law was for several years, something that the deceased's environment would have appreciated . It is unknown if Belén intends to approach the Álvarez family in order to give them his comfort, but journalist Aurelio Manzano, who was a close friend of Fran, has already revealed that no one would reject a show of affection and affection since they are very polite.

With his back to ‘Save me’ scheduled for a few hours, it remains to be seen whether, as it is presupposed, the delicate issue occupies or does not take a minute on the scale of the Belén Esteban program.