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French publisher Fayard will withdraw the name and photo of Benedict XVI from the cover of the book From the deepest of our hearts, in which the ordination as priests of married men is rejected and published on Wednesday, January 15 in the Gallic country.

The change has been announced this Tuesday, January 14 by the author of the book, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, the cardinal Robert Sarah, while in parallel the private secretary of Pope Emeritus has announced the request made by Joseph Ratzinger that he was suppressed as the author of the book and his image disappeared.

The archbishop Georg Gänswein, private secretary of Pope Emeritus, explained to the Catholic news agency Kathpress that, at the request of Benedict XVI, he called Sarah to arrange with the publisher the removal of the cover the name and photo of Benedict XVI.

Gänswein has added that Benedict XVI's signature must also be withdrawn at the end of the introduction and the conclusion because he has not been its co-author. "The contribution that bears his name in the main part of the book is 100 percent of Benedict XVI," says Gänswein.

For his part, Cardinal Sarah has informed in his official Twitter account that before "the controversies" it has been decided that the author of the book will be for the next publications "Cardinal Sarah with the contribution of Benedict XVI", without appearing as co-authors The book was initially announced as written by four hands by the cardinal and Pope Emeritus and some excerpts from it were advanced by the French newspaper Le figaro.

Synod of the Amazon

The controversy arises not by the position of Benedict XVI on celibacy, but by the moment in which the document will come to light, when it is waiting for publication by the Pope Francisco of the apostolic exhortation on the Synod of the Amazon.

During the Synod, held last fall, the bishops were mostly in favor of people of recognized faith and valuable to the community (known as viri probati, can be ordained as priests even if they have a stable family to guarantee the celebration of the sacraments in the region.

In the fragments advanced by Le figaroSome statements were attributed to Benedict XVI as "the civil state concerns man in its entirety, and since service to the Lord also demands the total gift of man, it does not seem possible to achieve both vocations simultaneously."

"I think that celibacy has a great meaning as long as a possible land domain and a circle of family life are abandoned; celibacy becomes at the same time something truly indispensable so that our approach to God can continue to be the basis of our life and express itself concretely. This means, of course, that celibacy must penetrate all attitudes of existence with its demands, "he added.

This late Monday night in Rome, a Vatican source very close to Benedict XVI said in statements to various Italian media, including Il Corriere della Sera, that Pope Emeritus did not know that the texts he had written with African Cardinal Robert Sarah were going to become the book 'From the bottom of our hearts'.

The consent

Next, the African cardinal posted on his Twitter account three letters signed by Benedict XVI that, in his opinion, would prove the collaboration of both in writing a text about the importance of celibacy, although in no case does it refer to the publication of a signed volume with four hands.

In the first, dated September 20, 2019, the Pope emeritus pledges to deliver his writings on the priesthood with attention to celibacy, although he values ​​them as "insufficient." "Your request for your own text on the priesthood came unexpectedly with particular attention to celibacy. So I have resumed my work and I will transmit the text to you, when translated from German to Italian. I leave you if these notes, whose insufficiency I feel very strongly, they may have some use, "says Benedict XVI.

In the following letter, of November 25, Benedict XVI gives his consent to publish the text "as planned" by Cardinal Sarah without specifying the format chosen. And in the last letter of October 12 he confirms that he transmits all the documentation prepared by him.

This Tuesday, Sarah insisted that Benedict XVI knew that his notes on priestly celibacy would be published in book format after a source close to his surroundings denied it. "I solemnly affirm that Benedict XVI knew that our project would take the form of a book. I can say that we have changed many communications to establish the corrections. I will publish this morning a more detailed statement to establish the truth," he said in his official Twitter account the Guinean cardinal.

In a statement also published on the social network he reiterated after Benedict XVI was well informed about the volume, and that he even saw it and approved its final publication. He also said that he forgives those who have slandered him and those who accuse him of opposing Pope Francis.