Bernie Sanders annoys Cuban exile in Florida: “It is unfair to say that everything Fidel Castro did is bad”

Bernie Sanders, current leader in the race to be the candidate of the Democratic Party in the next elections in the United States, has encouraged the large Latino Democratic community in the state of Florida, especially the Cubans, for his position regarding Cuba and the Castro revolution.

“We are against the authoritarian nature of Cuba, but it is unfair to say that everything is bad. When Fidel Castro came to power, do you know what he did? He put in place a huge literacy program. Is that bad Why did Fidel Castro do it, ”said Sanders in an interview with the CBS network.

The response from prominent Florida Democratic voices – traditionally a key state in the presidential elections – was immediate: “Donald Trump wins Florida if Bernie is our candidate,” said House member Javier Fernández.

“If Bernie Sanders is first in the bid it will be harder for us to win in Florida. Nobody sees Sanders as the winner in Florida and I don’t think his campaign will see it either, “added Fernández, who has already declared his support for Joe Biden.

However, since the Sanders campaign they downplay their avowed ideas of “democratic socialism,” a practically taboo term in American politics: they consider it a cliche, and recall that in polls in Florida Sanders is in technical tie with Trump, like other options like Biden.

In any case, Sanders himself has moderated his speech and has criticized the Nicaraguan Daniel Ortega or the “dictator” Nicolás Maduro, which does not prevent the millionaire Michael Bloomberg, also embarked on the race for the Democratic nomination, from having accused Sanders of defending “communism” in one of the last debates.

The centrists of the Democratic Party themselves declare themselves horrified by the trajectory of Sanders, since they consider that a nomination of Sanders would be a guarantee of reelection for Trump.

From the environment of Pete Buttigieg and Bloomberg they have already warned that if the party fails to make a common front against Sanders before March 3 – Super Tuesday – it could achieve an “irremovable” number of delegates.

Republicans, too, will charge Sanders for being a “Marxist.” “We are prepared to download everything about Bernie, but not yet,” said a person in charge of the Trump campaign quoted by the Politico portal.