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After several weeks of international tour, Juan Guaidó is back in Venezuela With the photo album reloaded. The interim president has taken photos with Macron, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, among other international leaders. He lacks the image with Pedro Sánchez, who dodged to receive him and delegated to the Foreign Minister to meet with the Venezuelan leader at his stop in Madrid.

Despite the fact that the Venezuelan opposition describes the disagreement as "ugly", neither Guaidó nor his team want to strain relations with our country and limit themselves to ensuring that Spain's position has not changed. "Sánchez was the first to recognize me as president," he dispatched after learning that the president of Spain referred to him as "opposition leader." "Guaidó will receive Sánchez in Miraflores", they settle from the interim president's team.

The presidential palace that houses Nicolás Maduro is the final goal. More than a year after assuming the position of president in charge with the promise of "ceasing the usurpation" and "calling democratic elections" as soon as possible, Guaidó wants to use the reinforced image with which he returns from his international tour to give a new impulse to the transition.

However, the 'return operation' began rather as a forced landing. After hiding until the last moment the date of his arrival, Guaidó was beaten at the Caracas airport on Tuesday. Groups of protesters, most of them addicted to Chavismo, gathered in the terminal to escrachear the Venezuelan leader and his wife.

Further, Guaido's uncle He has been arrested and is disposed of. According to the Maduro government, Juan José Márquez brought "chemical explosives" and "undeclared bulletproof vests." The Chavista leader Diosdado Cabello explained that the Guaidó relative hid "explosive chemicals" in a flashlight, while teaching alleged evidence in his television program: "Now what do we do? Is he uncle of 'Juanito Alimaña ' – in reference to Guaidó – and it is necessary to release it? Nerd. A thousand times no. "

The president in charge has described the arrest as a Chavismo maneuver to harass him and argues that his uncle passed all security protocols at the Lisbon airport, before boarding for Caracas on a commercial TAP flight. "We have evidence that the kidnapping of my uncle is a result of the confrontation between two political blocs of the dictatorship. They have begun to cannibalize and are divided," he said through a message in his Twitter account.

Recover momentum

While Chavismo continues to tighten the rope over Guaidó, the interim president announces a new calendar of street protests to pressure Maduro and prepares "pressure and government measures" to regain momentum. No one has clarified what the exact roadmap is but from the Venezuelan opposition's environment they anticipate: "What is coming will surprise".

With the dialogue between Chavism and opposition allegedly stuck, all eyes look at Washington. Donald Trump is the principal Godfather Guaidó politician outside Venezuela, his was the initiative to recognize him as president in charge. He was joined by about 60 countries – including Spain – and his is the effort to suffocate the Chavez regime based on economic sanctions.

The White House was precisely the last station of the Guaidó international tour. The Republican president received him at the Oval Office in a long meeting that was beyond photos and protocol greetings. Prominent members of Trump's cabinet participated in the meeting and "concrete measures" were discussed, according to the newspaper Abc.

Ivan Simonovis, interim government Security Commissioner, was at the meeting between Trump and Guaidó, and summed up in a letter to the US president what are the requests to move forward in that transition in Venezuela: "We are asking to speed up the process and cut the oxygen line, to finally finish Maduro's time. Saving Venezuela is saving the world. "