The differences between Joe biden Y Donald trump about the coronavirus are well known. Throughout the pandemic, while Biden asked to comply with the recommendations of health authorities, Trump chose to minimize the risks of the virus and even criticize Biden for wearing the mask, as if it were a sign of weakness.

After contracting the virus, his opinion has not changed and the first thing he did after leaving the hospital was to climb the steps of the White House, remove his mask and greet the Americans. That image of Trump, removing his mask, is the one that Joe Biden’s team has used for their most recent campaign video on social media.

It seems clear that, less than a month before the US elections, the temporary leave Trump for Covid-19 is going to be a political asset that Biden will use to resemble his management with the deniers of the pandemic: it does not matter how much you deny it, but in the end it will affect you.

With the screen split, on the left you see Trump take off his mask while, to the right, Biden puts it on. Below, two sentences with a strong message: “Masks matter. They save lives.” Biden’s phrase that accompanies the publication is a simple: “Wear the mask.”

Trump tested positive for coronavirus last Friday, just days after he came face to face with Biden in the first debate before the US elections. Since then, Democrats have broadened their criticism of Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic, while Republicans have done their best to use Trump’s positive to reinforce their messages, downplaying the virus.

This same Monday, when addressing the nation after leaving the hospital, Trump asked his citizens – without a mask – not to be afraid of the virus. “Do not be afraid of Covid-19. Do not let it dominate your lives”, He said.

Joe Biden, however, considered Trump’s comments irresponsible. “Tell it to the 205,000 families who lost someone“snapped the AFP news agency.

In statements to the television station NBC, Biden delved into the same message. “I was hoping that the president, after he’s been through what he’s been through, and I’m glad he seems to be doing quite well, would convey the right lesson to the American people: masks matter,” the former vice president said.

“Masks matter. These masks matter. They matter. They save lives. They prevent the spread of disease. Social Distancing: All I heard was one of the tweets saying that, you know, don’t worry so much about all of this, essentially. There is much to worry about, “insisted the Democrat.