Blackrock takes advantage of the demolition prices at Bankia to take 4.3%

The American manager Blackrock, which is the largest asset manager in the world in volume of assets, has risen to 4.3% its participation in Bankia both directly and through the Blackrock European Master Hedge Fund, which has 3.129%.

The FROB is Bankia’s first shareholder with 60.63%.

As indicated by the CNMV, the North American manager has taken advantage of the lifting of the veto short positions agreed by CNMV last Monday 18, and yesterday he informed the stock market supervisor of the operation.

Since March 16, it is mandatory to inform the CNMV if more than 0.1% of a listed company is acquired

Since March 16, it is necessary to inform the CNMV if 0.1% of the capital of a listed company is exceeded, as agreed by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

A day after the CNMV lifted the ban on short sales, Bankia’s shares, like those of other banks, suffered sharp declines, which in the case of the entity that presides José Ignacio Goirigolzarri reached 11%.

Minutes after the opening of the session, Bankia shares are trading at their all-time low at 0.75 euros, with a decrease of 1.39%, and their capitalization amounts to 2,328.5 million euros.

Short positions are taken when the operator or investor believes that the price of the asset is overvalued and is going to fall, in which case it is sold with the intention of buying it back for a lower price and thus achieve profits.