Blanca Suárez and Javier Rey no longer hide their love

Like any citizen after a long confinement, Blanca Suarez and Javier Rey They have been seen by one of the terraces of Madrid’s bars. ‘The Summer We Live’ was the film that united their hearts and now they are enjoying their first summer as boyfriends. Their romantic relationship has been a fact for months, but they have preferred to carry it in secret, without posing together or making any kind of public statement. So they are images of him taking something without hiding from the photographers are his first together. He also accompanied them to the appointment ‘Pistachio’, the friendly dog ​​that the interpreter has for years.

Blanca Suárez and Javier Rey / Gtres

The night was chilly in the Spanish capital and the couple of actors protected themselves from the uncomfortable wind with cowboy overshirts, ideal for halftime. The serious gesture that Blanca Suárez had at all times caught quite the attention since she barely outlined a slight smile. Perhaps it was just a bad day for a couple who are living a sweet moment because they have spent the confinement together at the home of Dani Martín’s ex-girlfriend. A litmus test a few months after starting their romance but it seems to have gone wonderfully.

An important day for Blanca Suárez

Apart from her love appointment with Javier Rey, the actress was in luck yesterday as the trailer for the final season of ‘Las Chicas del Cable’ came out. The Netflix fiction, which has Blanca as the indispensable protagonist, reaches its end after 5 seasons and has become one of the most viewed series on the streaming content platform. The team of actors (Yon González, Maggie Civantos, Ana Fernández, Nadia de Santiago, Martiño Rivas and Ana Polvorosa).

In these last five episodes, Lidia Aguilar (Blanca Suárez) and the rest of her friends will suffer the revenge of Carmen (Concha Velasco) when they are admitted to a re-education center. The fight of her beloved Francisco and that of her friends to get her out of that hell centers the plot of the last chapters. It will be next July 3 when they can all be seen through the application of the red ‘N’.