Body Coating

This is a unique ability possessed by Black Zetsu, which allows it to take advantage of its malleable body to coat itself over a target. This technique is mainly used to restrict the movement of the target by coating a target’s body, and forcibly make them do its bidding by directly channelling its will through them. In possession of the target’s body, Black Zetsu is also able to use target’s techniques, kekkei genkai, as well as any other ability they may possess. By using this technique Black Zetsu is capable of performing a variety of feats including controlling the target, and even stabilising their life-force allowing them to live following a mortally-taxing event.

Once in contact with a target, they can also absorb the target’s chakra and transfer it to others, and even show the target events it has recorded. One drawback of this technique, is that if the target has a strong enough will as in the case of Obito they can suppress Black Zetsu’s influence, and take advantage of Black Zetsu being attached to them.


  • As shown with Obito, any invulnerability Black Zetsu has, such as immunity to the Infinite Tsukuyomi, is transferred to its host at the time.


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