Bolivia believes it will remain in exile from the $ 3 million castle even if its party wins

The Minister of Government of Bolivia, Arturo Murillo, has responded to rumors about a possible return to the country of former president Evo Morales and he has assured that he will not return even if his party, the Movement for Socialism (MAS), wins the presidential and legislative elections this Sunday “because it is afraid of the people.”

“Evo Morales he will not return to Bolivia not even if the MAS won. He is not going back to Bolivia. He is afraid of people. He is afraid of the censorship of the people because Evo Morales has made people fraud, because today he has taken off the scarf on the subject of pedophilia, with the issue of corruption, with the issue of drug trafficking, with the same voice that ordered cities to be surrounded to starve them, “said Murillo, according to the Bolivian station Erbol.

“That man is not going back to Bolivia. That man will continue in his golden exile in his castle of 3 million dollars, speaking to his four, five followers of Chapare on his Kawsachun Coca radio, “he added.

The rumors that Evo Morales will return to Bolivia arose after statements by the former Argentine minister and president of the opposition Pro, Patricia Bullrich, who reported that her bench is requesting a report from the Foreign Ministry of her country regarding the possibility of Morales returning on Sunday. or on Monday to Bolivia.

Morales has publicly stated that his intention is to return to Bolivia the day after the MAS wins the elections. MAS candidate Luis Arce is the favorite in the polls.

Alert by “Spanish, Argentine and American” observers

On the other hand, the Minister of Government of Bolivia, Arturo Murillo, has warned of the entry of “Spaniards, Argentines and Americans” into the country with the intention of destabilizing, a notice issued a few hours before the start of the general elections of this Sunday.

“We are not going to allow it, whoever it is we are going to put little legs for home,” said Murillo after referring to the arrival of “groups” from abroad to “put together their little things.”

“We have them clearly identified, where they are, where they are moving, what they are eating, what they are drinking, we are taking care of them, they will not even be able to assault or rob anyone, we are taking care of them,” he said.

“Lefties meet quickly to see how convulsed and by whom are they paid? By (Venezuelan President Nicolás) Maduro, by Cubans, trained and paid by them,” he stressed.

In addition, Murillo has assured that after the elections the Government ensure votes are honored who wins the elections and that the only ones who should worry are those who intend to convulse the country.

“To the winner we will take care of your voteNone of them have to be worried about those who have a chance of winning the electoral fair. Those who have to be concerned are those who want to make some kind of seizure, “he said.

«Those should be worried because both the National Police, the Armed Forces are in a state of readiness, we are going to take care of the ballot boxes, we are going to take care of the votes, we are going to be all over the country and whoever wants to play the funny thing, is going to meet with the arm of justice “, has riveted Murillo.

This Sunday they are celebrated presidential election and legislative in Bolivia to close the open crisis after the resignation and exile of President Evo Morales after losing the support of the Police and the Army, giving rise to a wave of unrest that resulted in more than 30 deaths in clashes between supporters and his detractors and with the security forces.

After the departure of Morales from the country, the second vice president of the Senate, Jeanine Áñez, assumed the position of president of the country with a radically different political line from that of Morales’s Movement Toward Socialism.