Brussels authorizes Moderna’s vaccine that will join Pfizer’s in the European campaign against Covid

The European Commission has authorized this Wednesday the use of the Moderna vaccine in the European Union, so it will be the second to be administered in the Old Continent following that of Pfizer BioNTech that was approved on December 21. This was announced by the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in a message on social networks a few hours after the Moderna prototype received the go-ahead from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). “We are providing Europeans with safe and effective vaccines against Covid-19. We have authorized Moderna’s vaccine, the second to be used in the EU, “he said.

Under the contracts signed with the US pharmaceutical company, the European Commission has acquired 160 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine, 80 of them fixed and as many optional.

The green light from Brussels for the commercialization and use of Moderna’s treatment comes just three hours after the EMA has granted the conditional marketing authorization. This the number of doses distributed in member states will increase, at a time when delays and problems in the deployment of vaccines have drawn criticism from some member states.

In this way, the Community Executive continues to be committed to shortening all the procedures to quickly grant authorization for vaccines, when the process normally requires 67 days.

As Von der Leyen recalled, the European Commission has committed 2 billion doses of potential vaccines, which should be more than necessary to protect the EU population and comply with the international commitments acquired by the bloc.

For its part, the Health Commissioner, Stella kyriakides, has indicated that more vaccines will follow Pfizer and Moderna. “Our efforts will not cease until vaccines are available to everyone in the EU,” he said, recommending that while the vaccination campaign takes place, it is advisable to be patient and remain disciplined and vigilant.

In the words of the executive director of the EMA, Emer Cooke, the US company’s vaccine is “another tool to overcome the current emergency.” “That we have this second recommendation for a positive vaccine in just under a year since the World Health Organization declared the pandemic, is an example of the efforts and commitment made by all,” he stressed.

In this way, the EMA has recommended by consensus that the European Commission grant a formal conditional marketing authorization, such as He did it a few weeks ago with the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine. In the case of the North American vaccine, it is administered in two injections in the arm, 28 days apart. The most common side effects of the vaccine have generally been mild or moderate and improved within days after vaccination.