Brussels to file monopoly indictment in weeks

Brussels has prepared a indictment against Amazon for monopolistic practices, focused on the use of commercial data of those who sell on their platforms.

This is indicated this Thursday by the American newspaper ‘The Wall Street Journal’, which states that the accusation will be presented in the coming weeks. It would be the next step in the investigation that Brussels launched against the online commerce giant in July last year. At that time, he began to investigate the relationship between Amazon and the data of other sellers.

The main concern of the European Commission is due to the double role that Amazon plays. On the one hand, it provides the platform for any seller to market their products, but at the same time, Amazon is also a manufacturer that acts as a retailer and as a competitor to those third-party sellers.

The European Commission believes that Amazon has taken advantage of this dual role by using purchasing and transaction data to develop its own products.

In the event that the Brussels accusation results in a fine and the Commission concludes that Amazon violated Community competition law, something that will still take months, the possible sanction could amount to up to 10% of the turnover of the company. In the whole of 2019, the firm led by Jeff Bezos entered 280,522 million (246,530 million euros), reports Europa Press.