Brutal assault on a transsexual teenager when she left her house

A 19-year-old transsexual teenager has denounced on her social networks the brutal assault he received as soon as he left his home in Barcelona. In search of her dreams, she moved to the capital of Catalonia two months ago, as she explains on her Instagram, but upon arrival she encountered a harsh reality that has led her to receive a brutal beating from strangers. Eva.V I have denounced what happened to the Observatory against Homophobia of Catalonia (OCH) receiving all the support of this organization and its thousands of followers.

A transsexual teenager is the victim of a brutal assault in Barcelona

Eve. H is a 19-year-old girl who was born in the wrong body, this woman who has made herself, decided to move to Barcelona to find the tranquility and peace of a city that opens up to the world. It seems that the idea with which he came to this city has been altered by what happened just a few hours ago.

As he explains in his social networks: “Today I left home and as soon as I left, I had not walked a block, I they have begun to shout “fucking travelo! Spawn! ” and they grabbed me and gave me two punches in the face, kicks and other blows to the body. ” The image that accompanies this publication leaves no room for doubt. We see Eva with blood on her face and her makeup slightly altered, from fright, blows and sweat.

He continues explaining: “I have been living in Barcelona for two months, I came here looking for peace, to enjoy myself because I need it, not to be humiliated, attacked and made to feel like a monster. Explain this to my mother, tell your family that it is miles away that they have given you the hell out of being transsexuals. I DO NOT DESERVE THIS. And from here I denounce it publicly. “

The end of his message is the most forceful: “This is what has happened to me, but unfortunately it happens to many trans people and it could have ended worse, I do not hurt anyone, you have no right to do this , NO MORE TRANSPHOBIA PLEASEI don’t want to die tomorrow And to those who have done this to me: I hope you will NEVER be parents. ” A plea to respect and coexistence in peace so that people like Eva should not suffer the consequences of intolerant people.

This aggression it has been reported to the Observatory against Homophobia of Catalonia (OCH). The date of this beating is precisely Trans Memory Day. Eva will have lived, according to her social networks, the worst day destined to remember the victims of attacks, becoming one of them herself. Roger Torrent himself, acting president of Catalonia, has expressed his support for this young woman. In the comments on her Instagram profile there are many messages of encouragement that try to get Eva to spend this bad time alone in the company of her thousands of followers.

Some of his followers affirm that: “the anger that this gives me has no name … if you need something say it, you are not alone” or “You don’t deserve this. Calm down, you make your way. It is still you. Life and time put each one in his place. Those who have done this to you will pay for it sooner or later. Courage princess be strong ”. Eva receives all the support of her followers who are more than 96,000, this aspiring influencer is a great lover of fashion who struggles to find a place in Barcelona. The young woman has not explained if she has made the corresponding complaint with the medical certificate to the Mossos d’Esquadra, the first step in the face of an attack of any kind. In this way, a protocol is put in place to be able to locate the aggressors and prevent these types of acts from being repeated.