Cabreiroá puts its brand at the service of the Spanish Federation of Food Banks

Cabreiroá has put its brand at the service of the Spanish Federation of Food Banks, so from this week consumers will find themselves on the shelves with their bottles of mineral water, 2-liter pet format and pack, with the image of this entity Social.

The objective is to give visibility and call for action by consumers, specifically to request their support for the great work that is being carried out by Food Banks throughout the country with donations that can be channeled through the CABREIROA website. .ES / FESBAL.

Hijos de Rivera’s commitment to collaboration

This initiative is part of the collaboration agreement at the national level reached last May between Hijos de Rivera, owner of Cabreiroá, and FESBAL by which the Galician company undertook to actively support the fundamental work that this entity is carrying out over the period of one year. This agreement includes a wide range of actions ranging from contributions of funds and products to support in the dissemination of awareness raising and fundraising campaigns and events.

Hijos de Rivera already materialized in May the first step of this annual collaboration through an initial donation of 400,000 euros to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks to support its most urgent projects, especially those aimed at combating the social emergency. In addition, the company contributes continuously to the supply of beverages for the entity through its own products.

The second step of this collaboration took place in the launch of a thank you campaign to all those who have been on the front line in the fight against the pandemic. A special edition of its Estrella Galicia beer presided over by the motto: 1 millThank you, 1 millionn of bottles paid tribute to the professionals who have worked and are actively working during this crisis. All of them became the protagonists of the labels of more than a million bottles of its most emblematic beer brand.

The health crisis derived from the Covid 19 pandemic has had as an immediate consequence an economic and social emergency that has led hundreds of thousands of families to request help to cover their basic needs, which has exponentially increased the demand received by the Banks of Foods. This situation explains why the company goes one step further in its commitment to FESBAL on this occasion and has decided to call directly to the action of consumers through their Cabreiroá packaging so that they can contribute by providing funds to the entity.

About the Spanish Federation of Food Banks

In 2019, the 54 Food Banks, associated with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks, distributed more than 144.5 million kilos that reached 1.1 million vulnerable and needy people, through a network of 7,216 charities, and all this thanks to the inestimable effort of 3,211 permanent volunteers.