Kini Carrasco It is a legend of the Olympic sport that, among other triumphs is the three-time champion of the world of duathlon and four-time champion of Europe, in addition to having been silver in a European triathlon in 2017. But this time it is not news for its sporting merits, but for a mishap that has had to live with an airline.

Kini took a flight accompanied by his bicycle to set course for Bath them, Girona, where the Triathlon world between September 7 and 8. However, last day 4 denounced that his bike had not been embarked on his same flight and that despite claiming he did not get a specific answer.

The worst would come the next day when the bike reached him, but in a sorry state. Kini denounced that the suitcase was broken, the handlebar, the coupling and the way were broken, the fork of the folded front wheel and, to top it off, the wheels were not.

Even so, despite everything, Kini Carrasco will compete in the Paralympic World Cup to be held this weekend in Banyoles.

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