Carla Barber gets a big scare after suffering a violent robbery at her home

It seemed that nothing was going to tarnish the idyllic relationship between Carla Barber and Diego Matamoros, but a terrible event that occurred last night has managed to overshadow the happiness they both enjoy and which they also show off on their respective social networks. The canary has been the victim of a violent robbery of which he has wanted to give an account on his Instagram profile, where he has related, with all kinds of details, how everything happened since you accessed your home portal, located in an exclusive area in the center of Madrid.

Carla has told what happened on her social networks/@dr.carlabarber

“Urgent statement”, this is how the doctor specializing in aesthetic medicine has begun its publication. «Last night when I entered my portal, two boys were waiting for me inside, hidden. As I climbed my stairs they attacked me from behind and They made me the key to the ‘lion kill’ until I was unconscious by cutting off the blood supply to my brain by pressing on the carotid artery. A chilling story in which he confesses to having passed a lot of “fear and anguish”, although he wanted to reassure his followers by explaining that “I am fine, I have neck and tongue injuries and pain when swallowing and speaking.”

Carla barber
The thieves stole her purse, a luxury watch and the jewelry she was carrying/@dr.carlabarber

Thieves they stole her purse, a luxury watch and other jewelry that he was carrying, “it doesn’t matter, after all, it’s just money,” says the doctor. “The fear of remembering what happened and the anguish of thinking that it could happen to me again is what matters.” But Diego Matamoros’ girlfriend gave a good account of her mental and physical strength: «I ran out into the street screaming non-stop. They told me where the assailants had gone, I reached them and managed to memorize the license plate, model and color of the car». Some data provided to the police, which will surely facilitate the resolution of the investigation.

Kiko Matamoros
Kiko Matamoros praised the strength and bravery of her daughter-in-law / Mediaset

It has been in ‘Save me’ where they have commented on the incident and both Jorge Javier Vázquez and Kiko Matamoros have agreed that “these robberies are not usually accidental”. The collaborator also took advantage of his presence in the program to tell what happened: «They were waiting inside the portal because they knew perfectly well where he lives. The police are investigating and the important thing is to know who the instigator was.

Carla Barber has taken advantage of her publication to notify her relatives that due to the theft she does not have a mobile phone, and in passing she wanted to send a message of thanks for the affection and support she has received.