Carolina Marín: “They have been the worst months of my life”

The Spanish Olympic Committee held a meeting this Thursday with Olympic medalists, among which was among others Carolina Marin. The Olympic champion in Rio 2016 has unveiled the ordeal through which he has spent these months because of the coronavirus, in which “the worst months of my life” have passed.

«It has been the worst months of my life with my sick father and this situation has exceeded any limit of emotions that I have been able to live winning a tournament or a championship », recognizes the Spanish player who luckily managed to return in time to be with her father. “Fortunately I was able to get to Huelva during confinement and be with him because he was going to be in this process.”

Regarding the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Carolina Marín says that it has been good for her since she was not going through her best moment of form: «It was fortunate that the Olympic Games were postponed because I was not in my best shape. Unfortunately and fortunately we cannot compare ourselves to soccer and we have to thank them. They have started training before us and I wish there was more equality, but here in Spain there is, there is football ».

Ultimately, the three-time badminton world champion has explained that “It is the first time that I have been without a racket and shuttle for three months since I was 8 years old”. This situation caused by the COVID-19 forced to stop all competitions in all sports, so the Huelva player had to comply with the confinement and could not go to train.