Carreño- Djokovic: this game is a great pitch

Pablo Carreño Y Novak Djokovic They meet again at Roland Garros after the controversial game in which the Serbian was expelled from the US Open after that famous pitch to the linesman, a month ago. The Spanish and the Serbian are now measured in Paris with the ticket to the semifinals at stake.

Pablo Carreño and Novak Djokovic They play the last game of the Roland Garros quarterfinals this Wednesday. The duel is accompanied by a certain morbidity, because it was precisely the Asturian who was responsible for Novak Djokovic’s frustration, which led to the famous pitch to the linesman, who cost him expulsion from the US Open.

It was the afternoon of September 6 in New York – night in Spain. Pablo Carreño was putting the world number one in serious trouble in the round of 16 of the US Open, where Novak Djokovic had gone with the mission of shorten the distance in the Grand Slams race with Federer and Nadal, both absent in New York. But things did not go as expected by Belgrade.

Pablo Carreño managed to get the Serbian’s service in the eleventh game (6-5) of the first set. So Djokovic decided to get rid of the ball in his pocket, with such bad luck that his blow landed in the face of the linesman. This cost him the expulsion from the Grand Slam and the news traveled the world. Even the linesman received threats and Djokovic had to come to his defense.

«On this surface I am not inferior to anyone, only Rafa»

Pablo Carreño feels full of confidence at Roland Garros. The Asturian already found a way to hurt Novak Djokovic at the US Open and now he is looking to overcome his ceiling at Roland Garros by going over the Serbian.

«I have a very high level, on this surface I am not inferior to anyone, perhaps Rafa. If I am one hundred percent and I am brave and aggressive, I am dangerous and it is not easy for them to beat me. This is what I have to try to do, “said the Spaniard after one of their matches in Paris, long before reaching these quarter-finals to meet Novak Djokovic.