Catalan denies that Betis has an agreement with Quique Setién

The vice president and CEO of the Verdiblanco team, which closed ranks around Rubi as he requested at a press conference, has again shown his support for the Catalan coach. José Miguel López Catalán He has taken the opportunity to clarify many of the things that have been said about the possible return of Quique Setién to the Betis.

López Catalán: "It's a lie that Betis is in permanent contact with Quique Setién"

"So many things have been said about Setién and our relationship with him in these weeks. It has been said that we have been in permanent contact with Setién since the beginning of the season and it is a lie. Quique Setién went well, the relationship is good, but in the season there has been no contact. It has been said that the players asked us to come back and it is absolutely false. They can't ask us that, in that matter they know they have nothing to talk about. It has also been said that we have an agreement with Quique, it is absolutely false. It has been said that in the council we have approved the arrival of Setién and it is absolutely false. The situation has been supportive to the coach. Of course we have to prepare for what happens, but that is football, "said the vice president and CEO at Canal Sur Radio.

About Rubi, who has taken a breath thanks to the last two victories of his team, which is already twelfth in the standings, José Miguel López Catalán said: "I think that the club has supported Rubi sufficiently from the inside out, and from the outside out you can't be continuously talking. We had to align ourselves all in which we had to win, win and win. If we were already happy with him, now even more. We think this is going to bring it to fruition and hopefully be our coach for three years".