Cayetano Rivera sends a statement after speculation about him

Cayetano Rivera has gone to the step of the information that assures that it has been infiel to Eva González. He has done so through an official statement published in his official Twitter account and in which he warns that he will put the matter in the hands of Justice.

The origin of the controversy began at the end of last week when ‘Save me’ warned that a famous acquaintance would have been unfaithful to his wife, as they could confirm themselves. They also talked about it being a "perfect marriage." Everything got worse when one of his reporters moved to London, where the bullfighter allegedly would have been disloyal to the presenter. The Telecinco space did not want to reveal the person's name until Kiko Matamoros escaped: "This girl and Cayetano are repeat offenders," he commented to the stupefaction of his companions.

The response of the son of Carmina Ordonez has taken a little more than 48 hours but it occurred early this Monday in which he complainsserious speculation poured on me, damaging my honor, my image and causing deep damage to my family«. The right-hander is very upset with Kiko Matamoros because "he pronounces my name, speculating with my image, my honor and creating a very painful situation for my family." Finally, Cayetano Rivera makes it clear that «In the face of this situation that undermines my fundamental rights, I inform of my decision to put the matter in the hands of Justice«.

Eva González and Cayetano Rivera, in a file photo / Gtres

Who has not yet spoken is his wife, Eva González. He prefers to remain silent and has not even used his social networks since rumors broke out about this alleged infidelity of Cayetano towards her.