Celades talks about Mateu Alemany and the non-call of Parejo with the National Team

The captain of the team that has again been off the list of Robert Moreno, which has entered Dani Olmo in its demarcation. The presence of Equal Looking forward to the next European Championship, it seems increasingly complicated, something that has been asked Albert Celades, which has also been questioned by the departure of Mateu Alemany of the Valencia.

Albert Celades: "I think Parejo is not worried"

Regarding the non-call of Parejo, the Catalan coach said: "We would love to be summoned, but we respect the coach. I only have good words for Parejo. He is our captain. He is playing every game and his professionalism is tremendous. It is essential for us. It is not easy to go to the National Team because there are very high level players, but for us it is essential. I think he is not worried about that. He is playing at a high level and I think he senses that he is part of that group. It is not easy to enter a selection list. I see him well and focused on his work. The Selection is a consequence of a lot of work time and I see it normally".

In addition to Parejo, Celades has been asked by Mateu Alemany and Granada, Valencia's next rival

Asked if Mateu Alemany's situation had affected him in the day-to-day work, Albert Celades said: " It has not affected my work. The truth is that I have worked normally from the beginning. My interlocutor is Jorge López and I have worked normally. It has not affected me at all. "

In the pre-match press conference he will face his team against the Pomegranate In Mestalla, the coach of Valencia has valued the rival: "A very good opponent. A newly promoted who is doing very well. If he had won on the last day he would have become a leader again. It is an organized and very daring team when it comes to playing attack. It will present difficulties. I know his coach from Sevilla B. He is doing very well. He has very good players, a lot of speed and talent. It will put us in trouble. "