CEOE and Cepyme leave a meeting after several trips during the same

CEOE Y Cepyme through their representatives Rosa Santos Y Pedro Fernandez, have left a meeting they held on the morning of this Friday in the Ministry of Labor and with CCOO and UGT before the malaise that has caused them that the representatives of the Ministry left the room on several occasions because they were also pending the meeting that was being held with the agrarian unions, as indicated by business sources to Europa Press.

The same sources have told Europa Press that they have not left the meeting because the agrarian organizations were not finally called to the meeting of the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, and the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, with the agrarian unions, although they recognize that they feel upset about this exclusion.

According to the version of the business organizations, several members of the Minister's Cabinet were present at the meeting on labor reform, including the Secretary of State for Employment, Joaquín Pérez Rey, and the Director General of Labor, Verónica Martínez.

At one point and when a meeting with the agrarian unions of Andalusia and Extremadura was also held at the Ministry at the same time, the Labor representatives at the table on labor reform have stepped out of the room to address issues related to the other meeting , which has caused the malaise of CEOE and Cepyme, according to the same sources, which ensure that CCOO and UGT have also felt annoyed about the situation and have also left the meeting.

Another version

Sources of UGT, however, deny discomfort with Labor and ensure that having overlapped the two meetings (the agrarian and labor reform) the meeting on labor reform has been postponed to next Friday "by agreement of all."

From CCOO they offer a similar version. Sources of this union consulted by Europa Press have pointed out that by taking several hours of meeting and overlapping with the field, the meeting has ended and the next calendar will be followed next week.