Chábeli Iglesias celebrates the coming of age of his son away from Spain

For over a decade there is no graphic proof of the visit of Isabel Preysler's eldest grandson to our country. Alejandro Altaba Iglesias, the firstborn of Chábeli, the eldest daughter of Isabel Preysler and Julio Iglesias he chose Miami as a place of residence, turns 18 today and for the general public is a completely American citizen unknown.

Behind, far behind, were their Christmas in Spain or his trips to Mallorca with his parents to see his Spanish family. In Madrid he was reunited with the maternal family, where grandmother Isabel received with great enthusiasm what was then her only grandson; Y, in Mallorca, his father's family I hugged the little boy in the house with the same illusion. Chábeli fulfilled, since he married Christian Altaba in 2001, with the custom of returning home for Christmas. Mama Preysler, for decades, gathered all her offspring around the heat of her home To say goodbye to the year. Already on homeland, Chabeli took the opportunity to make the jump to the Balearic Islands and also be with part of her husband's family, but That all ended a long time ago.

The last photographs of the "little" Alejandro in Spain are from 2010. Had eight years and made with his parents one of his last family trips. From then on, it was Chabeli who traveled alone to Spain to meet work commitments. Between 2010 and 2015, what was called to be the natural successor of the queen of hearts I still had an advertising image contract with several firms. Porcelanosa, by natural inheritance of the house, and Swaroski, which was the last brand that made her pose for the cameras. Specifically, in November 2015. In Barcelona he stood for the last time before a photocall to promote with your image a collection of jewels. There the phenomenon is over. Years later, they would be his sisters Ana and Tamara who took their mother's advertising witness. Chabeli never felt comfortable about high heels and looking at the target, and he didn't hide it either.

So when his second daughter, Sofia, came to the world in 2012 it was raised that his place was with his family, Very far from the spotlights. Chábeli Iglesias took root in Miami and, since then, it is her mother and sisters who travel to visit her. She lives in a luxury residential area with her husband and two children, Away from all hustle and bustle.

Last Christmas, it was the women of the house who crossed the pond to be with her and her children, but this year it could not have been because Preysler's mother is in poor health. In the next weeks, Isabel and Tamara are expected to take a plane to blow the sails, some days late, of Alejandro, the premature child who came into the world with only 24 weeks of gestation but who got ahead without problem. A boy who sees from the distance the fame of his grandmother Isabel, girlfriend of a Nobel Prize named Mario Vargas Llosa, but his grandmother after all.