Chavista police detain Leopoldo López’s cook and an embassy guard in retaliation for the escape

The Maduro regime has reacted immediately to the leak of Leopoldo Lopez from the Spanish embassy in Caracas with the arrest of the opposition leader’s personal cook, Nubia Campos, and a private guardian of the legation, Jose Xerxes Neira.

The arrests have been the work of the powerful Chavista secret service, the dreaded Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), whose close surveillance of the embassy since Leopoldo López took refuge in it 18 months ago. has been fooled by a leak that has made a fool of its agents.

López is currently traveling to Madrid, where you will arrive in the next few hours on a flight from Bogotá, his first destination after crossing the border. The details of the leak are not yet known exactly. Apparently, he managed to reach Colombia by sea after leaving Caracas and circumventing all the controls of the SEBIN and the Chavista police.

SEBIN has reinforced the harassment of the Spanish embassy, ​​which it keeps surrounded by numerous vehicles of Maduro’s secret police.

Leopoldo López has spoken on Twitter about his departure, a decision that, he says, “has not been easy.” «Venezuelans, this decision has not been easy, but rest assured that you have this server to fight from any space. We will not rest and we will continue working day and night to achieve the freedom that all Venezuelans deserve, “he wrote in a first message.

In another message, he reiterated his will to continue in the fight to overthrow the Nicolás Maduro regime: «All our time and energy will go to be useful to the Venezuelan people in the conquest of their freedom».