Close to home and in a well-known place, his ‘return to normality’ after the death of his son Álex Lequio

After the most complicated summer of his life, Ana Obregon autumn begins as a new stage. In recent months, the actress has found her refuge in the family home in Palma de Mallorca, where, accompanied by those who love her most, she has mourned after the death of her son, Álex Lequio. Now it’s time to return home to Madrid, where he landed a few days ago to start a new routine and return to the house where so many good times were spent with his son.

Little by little, Ana is resuming her life / Gtres

For now, the actress has chosen to go out to places that are very close to her home, the La Moraleja golf club, where she can relax and see her old friends again, as she has been a member for years. In fact, Ana’s week has started at the club, where you can not only practice the sport that she bears in her name, but also enjoy its many restaurants, the gym, the spa or the hairdresser.

Ana Obregon
Ana Obregón has arrived driving her own vehicle and hiding behind large sunglasses / Gtres

His two sisters, Amalia and Celia have become his great supporters At the moment, to the point that she went to live with them after losing Alex, but little by little she is becoming independent again, a trait that has defined her all her life. In fact, this Monday Ana Obregón arrived at the leisure center driving her own car, a three-door Mercedes, with a very serious face and hidden behind sunglasses and a mask, both black. At this time, it can be said that it has become her refuge, since it is not the first time that she has been seen going in recent days, since there she can disconnect for a while.

On September 13, it was four months since the death of Álex Lequio and his mother returned to social networks to send him a message that moved all his followers and those who knew and loved the young man. «(…) Turned into an infinite well of sadness I know some day we will embrace and smile again. We will live again. Here or there. Always together. Because the umbilical cord that unites a mother and a child cannot separate anything. Nor death», He wrote next to a photograph in which they appear together and very happy shortly after Álex’s university graduation. “I will never forget your happiness and my pride at that moment,” he says.