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This World Cup has been the first in which the 'FIBA windows' They served for classification. Selections like Slovenia, which came from winning the Eurobasketor Croatia they have been left out because without their stars they have not given the size. Colom, Will be Y Rabaseda They led to Spain on volandas up China and from this Sunday they wear the world champions medal.

Sergio Scariolo He has shown from the first day an enormous regret for not being able to return all the love and effort that the players of the 'FIBA Windows' showed each day. But the Spanish coach could turn a little of this dedication to Quino Colom, Javi Beirán Y Xavi Rabaseda including them in the list for the world.

In fact, the Italian coach said after the final against Argentina that all the players who disputed the classification "will have their gold medal" as a sign of recognition of their work.

Sebas Saiz, Jaime Fernández, Fran Vázquez, Nacho Llovet, Pablo Aguilar, Rodrigo San Miguel, Víctor Arteaga, Alberto Abalde, Oriol Paulí, Edgar Vicedo, Darío Brizuela, Sergi Vidal, Alberto Díaz, Santi Yusta, Sergio Rodríguez, Ilimane Diop, Joan Sastre, Albert Oliver, Xabi López-Arostegui, Jonathan Barreiro, Sergi García, Pere Tomas, Albert Ventura, Javi Vega and Carlos Alocén are therefore also world champions.

On behalf of all of them there are three players who on their own merits, but also as a reward for the work done in the 'FIBA Windows', were called up by Scariolo to travel to China among the 12 chosen to play the World Cup. Colom, Beirán and Rabaseda are champions for them and their 26 teammates in the standings, who were not lucky enough to be on the final list.

Colom, the hero of the windows

If one is to keep a proper name of the 'FIBA Windows', this is the base of Valencia Basket, Quino Colom. Whoever was a player of Unics Kazan He led the team beautifully during qualifying for the World Cup. But Quino has always seen his participation with the National Team reduced due to the large number of elite bases that Spain has had in recent times: Calderon, Llull, Ricky Rubio, Sergio Rodriguez

However, Scariolo has opted for him for this World Cup as a prize for his 13.7 points, 4.8 assists and 12.7 points per game he achieved during the FIBA ​​windows. In addition to these numbers, Quino scored a basket on the horn against Latvia which made him win the ballots to be celebrating the World Cup now.

Rabaseda, the eternal worker

Another of the proper names that Scariolo has chosen from the windows is that of Rabaseda. The Catalan forward commented in an interview with Giants all the way they have followed to reach China: "We are satisfied with the step we took, the role we did there and without that good image and commitment of all who participated we would not be talking about fighting for the World Cup. Thanks to that work we are here and it’s an award that we’ve collected but they don’t have to thank us anymore. We were professionals and we did what we played. "

Xavi Rabaseda

If for something the player of Herbalife Gran Canaria it is for his dedication since his time in the Barcelona. Xavi was vital during the classification of Spain for the World Cup with outstanding defenses in important matches. A professional like Rabaseda deserved an award like the one that has won the Selection before Argentina.

Beirán, the prize for a career

Like Rabaseda, Beirán has been playing a remarkable, committed and quality basketball for a lifetime. Over the years, the now Herbalife Gran Canaria player has improved his style in attack and defense.




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Beirán has specialized in attack, launching more than ever since triple, in order to maintain the offensive rhythm that today's basketball demands. This readjustment has led Berán to be vital in the 'FIBA Windows' first and then to hang the gold medal with total merit.

At 32, he is a player of the oldest of this National Team. World champion by surprise and as a prize for a great career in the ACB League. The one who was a canterano of Real Madrid Y Students changed this summer Tenerife by Gran Canaria, an island jump after signing a two-year contract.

With his actions, Scariolo has made his elegance more than clear. In turn, the professionalism of each and every one of the players who represented Spain in the 'FIBA Windows', personified by these three proper names, will never be called into question since theirs is also this gold.

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