Condemned to pay 180 euros in Murcia for threatening to spread a sexual video of his sister-in-law

A man has been sentenced to pay 180 euros fined for threatening her sister-in-law with revealing a sex tape of her. The condemned man confirmed this in the trial held in Murcia and which the investigating court of the region has condemned.

The condemned, who responds to the initials of F.A.T., He was the one who tried to coerce his sister-in-law with a sex video that was in his possession. According to the judgment, the accused blackmailed the woman by showing the video to her husband and spreading it on social networks so that everyone could see it. With this, the woman came to pay a month’s rent to the condemned, being under the coercion of the latter.

In the complaint, the sister-in-law herself stated that, after meeting, they had a sexual encounter. Shortly after, he received some photos from the convict’s phone, in addition to a video in which she appeared naked, which was part of a game between them. From that moment, the complainant says, her brother-in-law began to blackmail her into giving her money so that she would not deliver the video to her husband.

The complainant herself told the police that, from that moment, she gave money to the convicted person, in addition to paying him a month’s rent.