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Less than two weeks ago, Pope Francis and his collaborators went out to the general audience with their faces uncovered, without a mask to protect themselves and the faithful. After the criticism, the pontiff rectified and refused to personally greet the visitors to comply with security measures and avoid contagion. However the increased restrictions in the Vatican it hasn’t stopped the virus from spreading through the small town.

For days the infections between the Switzerland guard, in charge of the security of the Pope and the Holy See, have increased up to eleven positives. On Monday there were only four, but this Saturday the Vatican News confirmed that seven other guards had tested positive.

The Press Office of the Pontifical Swiss Guard reported that positive cases have been immediately isolated and controls are being carried out. Meanwhile, in addition to what the Government of the Vatican City State has already ordered to contain the contagion of Covid-19, “more useful” measures have been taken, especially with regard to “the planning of services de la Guardia, to exclude any risk of contagion in places where the Pontifical Swiss Guard provides its services “.

But the virus that plagues the world has also reached the residence of Pope Francis, 83 years old. This Saturday Matteo Bruni, spokesman for the Holy See, confirmed that there is a case and assured that the affected has no symptoms and it has already been isolated.

The patient has temporarily abandoned Casa Santa Marta, the residence where the Argentine pontiff preferred to live within the Vatican, and with him all the people with whom he has had direct contact have been isolated.

Bruni noted that the three Vatican residents who had tested positive for coronavirus in recent days have already been cured, although another case of a Vatican City resident has been reported.

Mandatory mask

The Vatican Government has forced the use of the mask throughout its territory, also outdoors, and in all its extraterritorial headquarters, the Roman territories and buildings over which it has jurisdiction.

Last Wednesday, when Pope Francis did not use the mask during the general audience with the faithful, the obligation to wear it in the Vatican came into force. He has only been seen with her on one occasion, in a car that took him inside the walls of the Holy See.

This week, the pontiff apologized for not approaching to say hello and renounce being close, but urged those present to respect the health protocols against the coronavirus.

It is not the first time that the Vatican City has registered cases, during the first wave of the pandemic twelve cases of contagion were reported. On this occasion, if we have the Swiss Guard, the number is higher.