Confirmed contestants and last minute withdrawals

The latest edition of ‘GH VIP’ has left so many loose ends that Mediaset has launched ‘The discount time’ so that the contestants solve their problems in the same way they were created: in front of the audience.

As LOOK has revealed exclusively, Antonio David Flores will come back into the famous house of Guadalix tonight and, although he will not have the support of Mila Ximénez, who has flatly refused a new confinement, he will do so with the Adara's company, the winner of the previous contest.

Adara and Gianmarco: this was their encounter / Mediaset

This was confirmed in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ Jorge Javier Vázquez when, unwittingly, he revealed that there would be a reunion between her and Gianmarco, the Italian for whom he turned his family life upside down.

Who seems to They are not yet sure what they will do are Alba Carrillo and Estela Grande. As this digital told, the wife of Diego Matamoros announced to the organization of the program that she did not intend to participate in ‘The discount time’, but in the last hours something would have made her change her mind and she could already have her suitcase ready. The case of the model is the opposite. As it has been known in the writing of LOOK, the former Fonsi Nieto had confirmed her presence in the new program but, a few hours after starting, doubts have made their participation a whole mystery.

With stories like that of Kiko and Estela and Adara and Gianmarco to be resolved and with Rocío Flores between the defenders and Jorge Javier Vázquez as a presenter, 'The discount time' starts shortly to be measured from you to you with an edition of 'GH VIP 'which has set the bar very high even for its own protagonists.