Could Donald Trump be removed from office before his term ends?

The assault on the Capitol on January 6 has caused some Democrats call for Joe Biden to be named president by January 20. On that day, the inauguration of the new president of the United States is scheduled to take place. The Democrats’ request is based on two possible ways to advance the change of president, one of which Donald Trump has already suffered in the first person. These elections will be remembered for many reasons and the change of president seems to be on the way to being historic, these are the ways to remove a legitimate president of the United States, before his term ends.

The two ways to remove Donald Trump before his term ends

The Democratic party has put on the table the possibility of removing Donald Trump before his term ends. The country that is an example of democracy to the world contemplates two possible ways to prevent a president elected by the people from completing his term. These are the two possible ways:

Impeachment is a mechanism that Democrats have already put in place against Trump in 2019. This process to reinstate a president begins in the House of Representatives, the lower house of Congress. It can only be done by filing charges that show that a president was involved in a “felony or misdemeanor.” Starting from these charges that must be proven, a process begins that will culminate with the voting of the representatives that will require a simple majority of the 435 members of the Chamber approving to present charges, known as “articles of impeachment.” These documents will go to the Senate, the upper house, which holds a trial to determine the guilt of the president. A two-thirds vote of the Senate is required to remove a president, according to the Constitution.

Donald Trump already experienced an impeachment in 2019 when his pressure to make the Ukraine public the business of Joe Biden and his son Hunter was discovered. The vote was not enough to knock Trump out of the presidency. The republican is not the only one who went through a similar process, Bill Clinton was subjected to the same process in 1998. On that occasion, the Democrat, husband of Hillary Clinton faced charges of obstruction of justice.

The second case in which Donald Trump would lose the presidency is the one that has never been implemented, the 25th Amendment, ratified in 1967. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 a presidential succession opened the door in case of disability. In the event that a president becomes incapacitated he could lose office. In this second case that could be seen, the president’s cabinet should declare him unfit to exercise his position. Mike Pence, who has already signed the order that makes Biden the winner of the election, should be in charge of declaring Trump incapacitated with most of the people who are part of his cabinet.

Trump could claim and return to his post in 4 days, showing that he can exercise. This amendment was created when Kennedy was seriously injured by the possibility that a president could suffer an accident or illness that would prevent him from serving. This is not the case with Donald Trump at this time, although it is a possibility that has been put on the table in these critical hours.

The assault on the Capitol is now history, the electoral machinery continues its course. The elections of November 3 will end on January 20 with the inauguration of the president. With just a few days to go, Democrats are considering some possibilities to accelerate change.