countdown to sign the divorce with Paloma Cuevas

Close a stage, yours with Enrique Ponce, is what you expect Paloma Cuevas can be fulfilled as soon as possible. This Saturday the right-hander closed his bullfighting season in Jaén, a key date for his still wife who hopes that from tomorrow he will sign the divorce agreement. The couple made the decision to separate some time ago when he began a parallel life with another woman and the family life became untenable. Last July the news was confirmed via a statement. The separation was a fact. Enrique had left home and the divorce would be the next step in ending 24 years of marriage. However, with the terms of the pre-agreement agreed upon and signed by Cuevas, the bullfighter has not yet signed the separation. A delay that, for now, has not complicated the mutual agreement that both have wanted from the beginning. A key week arrives for Chiva.

This Saturday, the admired right-hander concluded his last professional commitment with a tribute run in Jaén and, with the agenda more than clear, there are no reasons why he cannot stamp his signature and that the divorce can be ratified before a court. Cuevas has waited for the day to come, without haste or pressure, as far as I know, but the days go by and this situation in which they live cannot last forever. Each one in his home and God in everyone’s. Enrique Ponce has just settled in an attic in Almería to start a new life with Ana Soria, the 22-year-old Andalusian with whom he fell in love more than a year ago. The passionate romance between the young student and the bullfighter this summer has captured the majority of headlines in different publications and no less minutes on television. They have been, without a doubt, the couple of an atypical and strange summer that we have had to live through the terrible Covid pandemic that has hit our country so hard and that, unfortunately, continues to sweep the entire world.

Paloma Cuevas is a silent protagonist, assimilating a situation that he never thought he would live and centered on his family. But she was clear since she learned about her husband’s story with Ana Soria that her marriage was over and she was on the path to a divorce. Always by mutual agreement, sharing a lawyer and with the common interest of deciding what is best for the family. However, it does not seem that the deadlines are being met by both parties and according to what I was assured more than two weeks ago, Paloma was beginning to get tired of waiting for Kike to sign the divorce. “She was fed up and she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t,” they confided in me when I asked.

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria have already premiered their ‘love nest’ in Almería / Gtres

The good relationship that they say they maintain, how divinely they get along as they transmit, does not marry reaching an agreement and that one of the parties does not comply as planned. Several weeks ago they assured me that the divorce will come later than expected. They go by mutual agreement, yes, but I suppose that agreement must be fulfilled to avoid complications. Raquel Perera, ex-wife of the singer Alejandro Sanz, tells in a fabulous intimate interview in the magazine ¡Hola!, That her love story did not deserve an end with judges, that the divorce was ultimately twisted. I do not have a single data to be able to compare the Sanz-Perera with the Ponce- Cuevas, but I do know that this week is important and that the deadlines must be met. She knows that the media have followed the chronology of their separation day by day since last July 6 they officially confirmed that they would follow different paths and since Enrique Ponce made his relationship with Ana Soria from the first photograph with her, very few days later. I do not know if the truce ended this Saturday when the right-hander made his last walk this year in Spain. I know that, in August, Paloma couldn’t handle the situation anymore. They had stopped being a couple. It is already known that two, yes; three is a crowd. The media pressure was suffocating him; reality, too. After the summer he wanted a divorce. He too.

Each one experiences the situation in a very different way; obvious. Enrique Ponce already lives with his new love. Paloma focuses on reorganizing her life with her daughters. You just have to see their respective Instagram profiles. Enrique alternates photographs of bullfighting tasks and romantic dedications to his girlfriend. This Friday he starred in a fun Tik Tok (a leading platform that allows creating and sharing short videos, a trend among young audiences, especially), very complicit with Ana, who has become viral on social networks. Paloma dedicates publications to her daughters, to her mother, to her admired artist Fernando Botero, to Unicef… This week the image in which her father, Victoriano Valencia, appears with Grace Kelly, has been much commented on Estefanía de Monaco, with a very young Prince Albert. Some media has interpreted that it was a message addressed to Ana Soria with which she intended to convey something like: “This is an indisputable blonde, and who was she with? With my father ”, in the opinion of the journalist Federico Jiménez Losantos. However, Paloma just wants to turn the page, let her husband sign once and start a new stage. Who knows it well assures me that this is the case and that, reviewing some albums with his father, who, like his mother, has lived with her since confinement, decided to publish the photograph with Kelly in honor of the bullfighter who was his father and at that golden age in which the matadors were related to kings, princes and aristocratic society. Victoriano Valencia gave a bull to the beautiful Grace Kelly one afternoon in Las Ventas. The Monegasque princes then went to the Palace Hotel, where the right-hander was staying, to personally congratulate him. There was born a friendship that they kept for years. They attended Princess Grace’s 40th birthday. The Spanish cape that Victoriano wore aroused admiration, as well as the crutch and rapier (with which Prince Albert appears in the photograph and with which Grace cut his birthday cake that day) with which they were presented. That day the music sounded and matador and princess danced a Spanish paso doble. Cuevas dedicated to his father, in poor health, that image with Kelly, whom he adored.

I try to gather some detail from Paloma Cuevas, to know if the delay endangers the consensus, but she kindly insists on keeping silent. My sources assure me that this week will be key in the marriage relationship. With Enrique Ponce I am not successful either. We will be waiting for that signature. Start the count down.