Decision Time

Decision Time” (決断の時, Ketsudan no Toki) is episode 124 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Boruto, Shinki, and Shukaku approach the Land of Fire, noticing more vegetation. Urashiki intercepts them. Shinki is incredulous that Urashiki broke through Gaara’s seal, and wonders how he tracked Shukaku when the kettle should suppress their chakra. Urashiki explains he watched them through the puppets, and reveals his Byakugan. He is pleased with taking Temari and Shikadai’s chakra, which riles Boruto. Shinki stresses they have to keep a cool head, as neither Sasuke nor Gaara are there. Shukaku asks Shinki to unseal him, so he can fight. Shinki has a plan, and asks Boruto to buy him time. Urashiki attacks. Shinki blocks with his Iron Sand, and Boruto counterattacks with shadow clones. Boruto feints an attack disguised as a kunai, which Urashiki also avoids. Boruto signals to Shinki, who attempts to seal him with his puppet and Iron Sand. Urashiki is bored by yet another seal. They flee, and Shinki leaves several Third Eyes behind to keep track of Urashiki, certain that his seal won’t hold as long as Gaara’s. Boruto is concerned about the Byakugan, and Shinki changes their direction.

Urashiki breaks free and resumes pursuit. Having put enough distance between them, Urashiki continues on the shortest route to the Land of Fire, unaware the genin and Shukaku have changed course. They can’t rush to the Land of Fire, afraid they’ll get in range of Urashiki’s Byakugan, so Boruto suggests vising Gojō, who has a transmitter. Shinki struggles, having spent a lot of chakra with his Puppet Technique and Third Eyes. Boruto helps him. They arrive at Gojō’s house, but it’s been attacked. Isago tries to get her father from under the debris. Shinki is more concerned with knowing if Urashiki is the one who attacked them than with helping Gojō, earning Boruto’s censure. Shinki rescues him. Gojō informs them who attacked them, confirming it was Urashiki looking for them. Their transmitter has been destroyed, so they can’t ask for backup. Looking at a map, Shinki sees only one way to the Land of Fire, through a bridge, where Urashiki is sure to be on the lookout for them. Gojō says there’s a longer path known only to locals, but Shinki is sure Urashiki will find it if he stays waiting long enough. Boruto suggests using both routes, one of them carrying a decoy kettle on the route Urashiki is watching, buying time for the other one to use the long route with Shukaku. As Boruto can do shadow clones for decoys, he think the logical decision is for him to be bait for Urashiki. At the bridge, Urashiki attacks Boruto, causing debris to fall into the river. At the longer route, Shinki notices the debris, and Shukaku talks to him about regret. In another dimension, Sasuke’s chakra begins to replenish, enough for him to try getting back.


Role Seiyū
English Japanese Rōmaji
Boruto Uzumaki Yuko Sanpei 三瓶 由布子 Sanpei Yūko
Shinki Yuto Uemura 上村 祐翔 Uemura Yūto
Shukaku Hiroshi Iwasaki 岩崎 ひろし Iwasaki Hiroshi
Isago Yuki Kuwahara 桑原 由気 Kuwahara Yūki
Gojō Taro Yamaguchi 山口 太郎 Yamaguchi Tarō
Sasuke Uchiha Noriaki Sugiyama 杉山 紀彰 Sugiyama Noriaki
Urashiki Ōtsutsuki Kazuya Nakai 中井 和哉 Nakai Kazuya

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