declares “anarchist jurisdictions” to New York, Seattle and Portland

The Department of Justice of the Government of the United States President, Donald Trump, declared this Monday “anarchist jurisdictions»To the cities of New York, Seattle and Portland, a legal formula that would cut funding with federal funds to these cities, all of them governed by the opposition Democratic Party and the scene of protests against police violence and racism.

All these cities have in common that their mayors have rejected the dispatch of federal security forces in response to the protests in order to avoid an escalation of violence.

“When state or local authorities prevent their own security forces and agencies from doing their jobs, innocent citizens who deserve protection are put at risk, including those who gather and demonstrate peacefully,” said US Attorney General William Barr, as the chain picks up CNN.

“We cannot allow federal tax dollars to be wasted when the safety of citizenship is at stake. I hope that the cities identified today by the Department of Justice back down and get serious with their basic government functions and begin to protect their citizens, “said Barr.

The Democratic opposition has already openly criticized the electoral nature of the measure in light of the approaching presidential elections on November 3, in which Donald Trump opts for re-election against the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

Shootings in New York

Barr has specifically referred to New York, where Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have “rejected the support of federal security forces” and has linked the increase in shootings in July with “looting and protests.”

The New York authorities have recognized an increase of 177 percent in shootings during the month of July in relation to the same month of the previous year, but the statistics do not include the reasons for these incidents.

It’s another political game by President Trump. It is not based on the facts. Insult the people of New York. It is unconstitutional, “De Blasio said at a press conference.

In Portland, the scene of sustained protests for almost three months, the tension multiplied when Donald Trump sent federal forces in the summer despite the refusal of the mayor, Ted Wheeler.

And in Seattle, Mayor Jenny Durkan has reported a 525 percent increase in “person-related crime” in the protest area next to the state capitol, Barr recalled. The governor of Washington state, to which Seattle belongs, Jay Inslee, has criticized Trump’s “short-sighted political experiment.”

“Trying to withdraw federal aid is regrettable at a time when the White House has failed miserably in the fight against the coronavirus,” Inslee said.