Defection” (亡命, Bōmei) is chapter 45 of the Boruto manga.


Amado assures Konohagakure that if they accept his defection, the intel he has to offer will be extremely beneficial to them, and that he’ll release Shikadai. Sumire explains what Amado means to Boruto, and Kawaki is sceptical of Amado. Naruto agrees to interrogate Amado, much to Shikamaru’s surprise, saying it’s the only way to help Shikadai, and that they can decide on whether they trust him later. Code keeps watch on the Ten-Tails, and reports to Jigen, who warns him that Konoha knows of that location. Code asks about Boro, and Jigen says he hasn’t made his scheduled contact. Jigen dismisses him, and asks the recently arrived Koji to report on his mission. Amado asks for a smoke to clear his head, and when Shikamaru refuses, he gets a rise out of him by mentioning Shikadai. Naruto tells Amado to start talking. Boruto, Kawaki, Katasuke, and Sumire watch them. Kawaki explains that Amado is Kara’s head researcher, confirming his access and that Jigen has never granted him leave. He feels Amado is prepared to die. Kawaki also confirms to Katasuke that Amado is the one who modified his body and the bodies of the other Kara Inners, exciting him about learning from him. Naruto wants Amado to share some info so they can judge whether to accept his defection or not, and promises not to betray him after they talk. Jigen points out that Koji doesn’t have Kawaki, something that has never happened. Koji explains that he can’t intervene easily while Kawaki is under the Hokage’s close watch.

However, Koji says he was surprised that Jigen concealed the fact he could have retrieved Kawaki himself at any time, and asks why. Jigen makes light of it, and considers the airship crash that allowed Kawaki’s escape to be the root of their problems. He adds that the crash was no accident, it was attacked and made to look like an accident. Koji feigns ignorance, and Jigen says this is the perfect opportunity for them to stop pretending. One of Koji’s toads watches them. Amado explains that Jigen became an Ōtsutsuki. Simplifying it, he adds that the Ōtsutsuki are alien parasites. They suck the life out of a planet by draining its chakra with a God Tree. The tree bears a Chakra Fruit, rich in energy and information, which the Ōtsutsuki consume, being the means through which their species evolves. Amado asks if Sasuke has reached a certain location, and reveals he arranged for the information to be present in the airship’s data for them to find, because he wanted them to learn about the curve-horned Ōtsutsuki ahead of time. Amado says that if Sasuke went there, he saw they have a Ten-Tails, much to Naruto and Shikamaru’s surprise. He doesn’t know where that one came from, but adds that Ōtsutsuki always employ Ten-Tails, as they’re God Tree seedlings. Naruto asks if Jigen’s the one attempting to do it to their planet, but Sasuke believes it’s whoever gave Jigen his Kāma. He deduces that Jigen became an Ōtsutsuki because of the Kāma, and asks Amado for information on what it is. Amado’s glasses make a sound. Amado says it’s a transmission from a colleague, and asks Shikamaru to take his glasses and point at the wall. Shikamaru does so at Naruto’s instruction, and the glasses project a live transmission of Jigen and Koji’s meeting. Shikamaru recognises the name from Konohamaru’s report, and Boruto recognises his mask from their fight. Kawaki is confused by the revelation the Koji and Amado conspired to let him escape. Jigen wants to know why they turned against him, going against the Inners’ plan to acquire the Chakra Fruit. Koji notices Jigen’s breath is ragged and attacks him. Jigen disappears, and reappears behind Koji, piercing him with his chakra rods. Koji disappears, having been a shadow clone. The real Koji says his motive is simple, he’s never had interest in the Chakra Fruit, and was created to kill him.

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