Deóleo agrees with the Salazar brothers to collect up to 12 million to avoid their trials for 250

Deóleo has agreed with the brothers Jesus and Jaime Salazar an agreement to end the criminal and civil trials that faced them. The oil company agrees to charge an amount that goes between 8 and 12 million euros and that will prevent the opening of the oral trial for a case that occurred 13 years ago and for which the oil company was claiming an amount of 250 million from the former owners Euros

The trial was to be held at the National Court and in it the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor asked for 30 years in jail and 240 million civil responsibility to the investigated.

This agreement was being cooked with intensity between the former president of the former SOS Cuétara and the listed oil company (which has brands such as Carbonell, Bertolli or Carapelli) since at least last year, according to OKDIARIO from legal sources.

As reported by Deóleo in a relevant event communicated to the CNMV, it concludes with the lawsuits with the Salazars "so as to eliminate all possible contingencies for claims, and the uncertainties associated with them."

«Therefore, on this date, scheduled for the beginning of the Oral Trial hearing regarding criminal proceedings, a series of agreements reached with all the persons and entities that were part of the various criminal and civil lawsuits have been completed , by virtue of which Deoleo ensures the effective collection of some amounts for an estimated net amount of between eight and twelve million euros, based on the final realization value of some assets that will be transmitted in payment to the Company », has Deoleo indicated.

«Impossible to charge»

The oil company was also subject to economic claims by banks and savings banks "that claimed responsibility for the company for acts of its former administrators."

However, the possibility of charging was “remote, given the practical insolvency of the former administrators of the company and the great difficulties of collection arising from the existence of multiple bankruptcy proceedings, both of the defendants themselves and of the companies owned or controlled by these, which would greatly hinder the effective recovery of the amounts claimed judicially through a conviction, all at a high cost, economically and in time, in the multiple procedures.

In the same way, Deóleo also ends the uncertainty of the negotiation with the creditor entities, which also refuse to collect. At the time the problems were generated and the 250 million euros demanded by Deóleo were "volatilized", important savings banks such as Caja Madrid, Cajasur or the Basque savings banks were reference shareholders of the Cordoba oil company.