Derail a train at O ​​Barqueiroy leave three injured

Three people have been injured on Wednesday night after derailing a train on their way through O Barqueiro, A Coruña, after a landslide landslide. It happened around 9:10 p.m., where there was a landslide in the area near the municipal pool of the Galician town.

This is the line between Ribadeo and Ferrol, as it passes through O Barqueiro, which derailed at kilometer 67500 with seven people inside. Of these seven people, only three have been injured, who present different degrees of injuries and had to be treated by the 112 Emergency Services.

Specifically, the train driver, the intervener and a passenger, who were taken to the hospital, have been evacuated. The rest of the passage were transferred to their destination by car by road.

According to Civil Guard sources, they had to rescue the passengers by breaking the door, since they could not leave because it was stuck by the rubble.

In addition, the rail connections in the metric width between Ferrol and Oviedo, due to a landslide between Viveiro and Ortigueira, in which no injuries have been recorded, and passengers were also transported by car to their destinations.