Diana Quer's sister denies her mother's abuse report against her father

Valeria Quer He insists that the complaint of ill-treatment filed by his mother against Diana Quer's father is false and does not conform to reality. Witnesses interrogated so far by the Civil Guard do not corroborate the data of Diana López-Pinel.

The news was published by OKDIARIO early this afternoon: Diana Quer's father was being held at the Civil Guard headquarters in the Madrid town of Las Rozas-Majadahonda after the complaint of ill-treatment brought by his ex-wife Diana Lopez Pinel.

According to the story of the mother in the Civil Guard barracks on Tuesday night, the events took place in the afternoon of the same day. Diana reports that after a strong confrontation with her ex-husband in the home of the youngest daughter of both in Las Rozas, he hit her in the face and tried to run her over causing her wrist injuries. As a result of the complaint and the legal specifications, Juan Carlos Quer was stopped this morning when He went to the barracks on his own foot to denounce his wife for injuries.

On the other hand, Diana Quer's mother was requesting a restraining order from the judge on Wednesday, while Juan Carlos was available to the court number 7 of Majadahonda. However, the Civil Guard investigation so far has not corroborated the story of the mother, and Valeria Quer, the main witness of the confrontation He has completely denied his mother and ensures that he does not believe that the aggression occurred. On the nearest horizon is the bloody legal confrontation that the couple stars for the single-family home of Boadilla del Monte whose trial is set for October 14.