The contradictions about the diagnosis and the evolution of Donald Trump have unleashed the conspiracy theories across the political spectrum, further polarizing popular opinion. The coronavirus has entered more if possible in action and the tension proliferates in the United States while in the White House and the Congress they work against the clock in different stages for the next 30 days.

Dr. Brian Garibaldi, who is part of President Trump’s medical team, said at a press conference on Sunday that the president could be discharged on Monday. The president received a second dose of Remdesivir on Saturday – the experimental treatment that the president himself has been recommending for months to fight the coronavirus – and “today feels good”.

“He has been awake and tossing and turning. Our plan for today is for him to eat and drink, to get out of bed,” Garibaldi told the press gathered at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the hospital where he has been hospitalized since Friday. “If you keep looking and feeling as good as you do today, our hope is to be able to discharge him as soon as tomorrow, with which he could return to the White House, where he can continue with his treatment, “added the doctor.

Trump shared the positive results of his Covid test early Friday on Twitter. Soon after, his doctor, Sean Conley, provided additional details on his condition: “Late on Friday morning, when I visited him again (in his bed), the president had a high fever and his oxygen saturation transiently dropped below 94%. “” Given these events, he was concerned about the possible rapid progression of the disease“, he alleged.

Hours later, Trump tweets a video from the hospital to silence rumors about its deterioration while he was pushing Congress to approve the second Covid aid package.

On Saturday, Dr. Conley presented reporters with Trump’s official diagnosis, but it was quickly corrected from the White House. While Dr. Conley said he was “extremely happy” with the progress made by the president, a White House official later identified by The Associated Press as the president’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, contradicted him: “The president’s vital signs during the last 24 hours were very worrying and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of your care. We are not yet on a clear path to a full recovery. “

Trump himself decided to take action on the matter. Wearing a shirt and jacket but no tie and paler than usual, the American leader once again took to Twitter to post a video on Saturday night in which he claimed to feel “much better now” and that I was hoping to “come back soon”.

At the time, in an official statement from the White House, the president’s doctor said that he had achieved a “substantial progress” and that he would be closely monitored on Sunday. According to close sources cited by the US press, the president is receiving a experimental treatment based on infusions of plasma, vitamins and Remdesivir.


The continuous trickle of information and counter-information has unleashed a barrage of conspiracy theories on the state of health of the president of the United States. While the filmmaker and left-wing activist Michael moore called Trump a liar from his Facebook page and accused him of faking his contagion to delay an election that he is going to lose, a Twiitter user predicted that in October Trump would announce a contagion of coronavirus to emerge miraculously cured 14 days later thanks to the use of the antimalarial medicine that he has been promoting for months.

Along the same lines, several groups point out on social media that this is Trump’s master move to announce that he has overcome Covid-19 thanks to the new vaccine, ready before the elections, as he had promised.

Others go further by saying that what Trump is after with his alleged contagion is force Vice President Mike Pence to replace him in the Government and in the Republican presidential candidacy – in case the elections go ahead – to be the new president and as such, grant Trump a general pardon in a hypothetical impeachment.

There are also those who defend that all this is nothing more than a Trump’s paripe to get the proposals going that the parliamentarians of both benches have blocked him. Theory gaining traction on Saturday as Trump tweeted loudly that “our great United States of America wants and needs encouragement. Work together and do it. ”Another conspiracy current that has gained traction in the last week is that Trump purposely infected Democratic candidate Joe Biden, to extend his time in the White House.

Notably, the moderator of the presidential debate, Chris Wallace, revealed that President Trump came too late to the debate September 29 to get tested and co-hosts from the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University decided to apply the so-called honor system and allowing latecomers from both campaigns to claim they had already tested negative to keep up with the tight schedule.

Mark Meadows, at a press conference on Trump’s health.


At the other extreme, various theories suggest that it was biden who infected Trump during the first election debate or that the Democrats, in collusion with China, they would have been deliberately infected to infect the president without taking any risk, since Chinese scientists would have provided them with an effective antidote to recover from the disease.

A third way is that of those who defend that a new central political current it would have infected the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates to seize power in the White House.

“The reason we are seeing conspiracies and all kinds of doubts come from both the left and the right and it has a lot to do with the whole wrong information related to the coronavirus that has occurred in recent months, in particular the ideas that the president has advanced himself, “he told BuzzFeed News Joan Donovan, director of research at the Shorenstein Center for Media and Public Policy at Harvard University and one of the leading researchers on manipulation and misinformation in social media.

While all this is happening, the White House and Congress are working against the clock, considering different scenarios for the next 30 days. Among other possible options, invoke the 25th Amendment for the vice president of the government, Mike Pence, to take over the responsibilities of the chief executive on a temporary basis, delay elections or go ahead with another republican candidate.