Donald Trump and Joe Biden will not be able to interrupt during the second debate, the organization will turn off the microphones

The Committee on Presidential Debates has changed the regulations with a view to the last face-to-face between the two main candidates for the White House, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and has announced that the microphones of each of them will be turned off for two minutes at the start of each section to avoid interruptions.

Trump and Biden have met on television only once, since the second debate, scheduled for October 15, was canceled after the organizers proposed to celebrate it telematically due to the positive coronavirus of the president of the United States.

The two candidates had agreed to meet again on Thursday, October 22, in Nashville, Tennesee. This time, «Both campaigns have reaffirmed their agreement with the rule of two minutes without interruptions ”, announced the Committee on Debates in a statement.

Thus, both Biden and Trump they will be able to speak without their rival intercedes for two minutes at the beginning of each of the six segments, according to The Hill portal. The objective is avoid situations like those experienced in the first and for now only debate, when the president constantly interrupted both the Democratic candidate and the moderator.

The Trump campaign, in fact, has made it clear in a note that opposes “last minute” changes by a commission that it considers “biased” in favor of Biden’s interests, but has still confirmed that the president will participate.

The debate will revolve around six topics– Fight COVID-19, American Families, Race in America, Climate Change, National Security, and Leadership. The list also does not contain the Trump campaign, which misses its focus on foreign policy.

The Republican leader’s campaign manager, Bill stepien, has ensured that the final debate “always” was raised as a face to face focused on foreign policy, despite the fact that neither the Commission nor the moderator, the journalist Kristen welker, of the chain NBC, never raised anything similar.

Stepien believes that the list of topics “would isolate Biden from his own history”, making clear Trump’s interest in taking out the foreign business of the former vice president’s son during the meeting. Hunter Biden, reports the Bloomberg agency.