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The president of United States, Donald trump, participated this Tuesday in a meeting with voters in the key state of Pennsylvania that was televised by the ABC network and that left several great moments, such as the allusion to the waiters who touch their masks while serving customers.

Famous journalist George Stephanopoulos moderated the event, where voters were able to ask questions.

Julie Bart, a Gibsonia (Pennsylvania) neighbor who voted for the Democrat Hillary clinton In 2016, he asked the president why he did not wear a mask more often to curb the virus.

Trump, who at the beginning of the pandemic was skeptical about the use of masks, said that he does use that protection when visiting hospitals, adding: “Of course, by the way, many people do not like to wear masks. There are many people who think that masks are not good. “

Given this, Stephanopoulos asked the president: who are these people?

“The waiters,” replied Trump, who added: “They come and serve you and wear a mask. I saw it the other day, they were serving me and playing with a mask. I don’t blame them. I’m just saying it happens.”

“The concept of a mask – he continued – is good, but also, you are constantly touching your face and dishes. These are people who think that masks are not good.”

Churchill and the Nazis

At another time, Trump compared himself to the former British prime minister Winston churchill, famous for his leadership during World War II, to justify why he intentionally underestimated the pandemic in February and March knowing its severity, as revealed in the book Rage of the journalist Bob woodward.

“Of course I downplayed it. When Churchill was on top of a building and the Nazis were dropping bombs, he said, ‘We’re going to be fine,'” the president said.

Trump’s comparison to Churchill is inaccurate, historian Jon Meacham, author of the book, told ABC. Franklin and Winston.

To illustrate, Meacham used a quote from Churchill himself: “The British people can meet any misfortune with fortitude and optimism provided they are convinced that those in charge of their affairs are not deceiving them or are not living in a paradise of Fools”.

Despite what his own advisers say, Trump insisted that the virus “will disappear over time” and considered that his response to the pandemic was adequate and no mistakes were made despite the fact that the United States already exceeds 195,000 deaths and 6.6 million infections.

“Respect for all races”

In addition, the president went on the defensive when Stephanopoulos asked him about the comments of his former defense secretary, General James Mattis, and his former National Security Advisor, John bolton, who in the past have assured that Trump “is not suitable” for the Presidency.

In response, the president considered that Bolton, Mattis and General John kelly, his former chief of staff, are “disgruntled employees.”

“Mattis, he was a highly overrated general. He did not do his job. He did not do his job with the Islamic State (IS),” attacked the president, who also said that Bolton “all he wanted was to blow people up in the air. “.

One of the exchanges that garnered the most attention was that of the African American pastor Pastor Carl, who questioned Trump about the meaning of his campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ and asked him: “When was America great for the black community? “.

Also, citing America’s history of segregation and racism, Carl told Trump that he “has yet to address or acknowledge that there is a racial problem in America.”

“I hope – said Trump – that there is not a racial problem. I can tell you that there is none with me because I have great respect for all races, this country is great for it.”

Migratory plan “in very little”

However, the president did not acknowledge at any time that there is racism in the institutions of the United States and, on the contrary, considered that it is necessary to give “all the necessary support to the police.”

He also criticized those who for weeks protested in the streets against police violence towards African Americans and compared the images of the demonstrations with Berlin on fire during World War II.

In addition, Trump assured that he will reveal an immigration plan “in a very short time”, something that he already promised in July but did not fulfill.

In his campaign for the November elections, Trump has resorted to the anti-immigration message that brought him to power in 2016 and has insisted on his willingness to deport undocumented immigrants and end the “sanctuary cities” that protect them, while at the same time it has already implemented major changes in the asylum system.