Donald Trump votes early in Florida without parking his criticism of the system by mail

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has cast his early vote this Saturday for the elections to the White House on September 3 where he will seek to renew his mandate against the Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I voted for a guy named Trump,” the president joked after depositing his ballot in a West Palm Beach library, a mask on his face.

Shortly after, however, the president has reiterated his criticism of the postal vote system, which he has been disdaining for months, considering that it encourages electoral fraud, a claim with which neither the electoral authorities nor the courts that have studied agree allegations of fraud from the Republican Party.

“It was a very safe vote, much safer than when you send a ballot. I can tell you that. Everything was perfect, very strict, according to the rules. When you send a ballot… it cannot be as safe as voting in person, ”the president declared.

Trump has participated in the last hours in several events in the state of Florida, one of the most contested in the face of the presidential elections and whose 29 delegates to the Electoral College seem vital for the Republican candidate if he wants to get a second term.

In these events, Trump has charged against Biden, whom he has branded as the candidate that China wants him to win, and has highlighted his anti-elite profile by assuring that “he does not sound like a Washington politician because he is not a Washington politician. Washington”.

Likewise, his campaign has ensured the Fox that the Republican candidate raised 26 million dollars (21.9 million euros) after the debate that faced Biden last Thursday night, although Trump’s campaign remains well below that of his rival in total collection.