Donald Trump works on an executive order on police standards after the death of George Floyd

Donald Trump’s performance after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer is being widely questioned. But the truth is that it is taking action. He first announced an investigation into the case and has now confirmed that the White House is working on an executive order on police standards.

“We are working to finalize an order that will encourage Police departments across the country to meet the latest professional standards for the use of force, including tactics to reduce escalation,” Trump said during a roundtable discussion. in Dallas, qualifying that these standards mean “use force, but with compassion.”

“In addition, we will encourage pilot programs that allow social workers to join agents, so they will work together,” he added, as reported by the CNN television network.

“We will take care of our Police. We are not going to stop financing the Police. In any case, we will go another way, “he continued, referring to calls from multiple voices in this regard. “We will make sure that our police are well trained, perfectly trained, that they have the best equipment,” he said.

In parallel, it has specified that the police officers have to carry out a job “in which someone is really bad”, so they have to do it “with real force, with real power”. Furthermore, amid praise for the security forces, he has valued those who use excessive force as “bad apples.”

Also, it has denounced that there are police officers targeted for attacks when they work. “They are shot without reason if they wear blue,” he said. “They stab them,” he added.

In this context, he has defended the police presence during the protests unleashed by the death of Floyd in Minéapolis. “We have to dominate the streets,” he insisted, emphasizing what happened in the first moments of the demonstrations in New York, where riots were registered and properties were vandalized. “The damage they did,” lamented the American president.

Floyd’s death at the hands of the police has unleashed a wave of outrage and mass protests in the United States that cry out for justice and criticize racial inequality and are causing many to question the ‘status quo’ in the United States.

In this context, US states and various cities have adopted new standards for Police Departments, such as prohibiting the maneuvering of strangulation during arrests.

On the other hand, during the event, Trump criticized the descriptions of Americans as racist or intolerant. Thus, he assured that “Americans are good and virtuous people.”

“We have to work together to confront bigotry and prejudice when they appear, but there will be no progress and no healing will be done by falsely labeling tens of millions of Americans as racists or fanatics,” he said, while suggesting that attempts of racial reconciliation in America will be “quick and easy.”