"Doncic is not going to raise anything for playing the All-Star"

One month to the NBA All-Star dispute, Amaya Valdemoro, ambassador of Betfair, you have no doubt that Luka Doncic will be compensated for what happened last year. The Spanish legend made it clear that he had to play last year the game "with the biggest" in the best basketball league in the world.

“Last year he should have gone to the Mayore partyYes, not the rookies. That’s why I don’t think anything is going to come up to him now because he’s in the All-Star game, ”said the best Spanish basketball player of all time.

Doncic has secured his presence in the All-Star 2020 both in the triple contest and in the match of the stars. Slovenian has starred in some tension image in the last dates, like that of breaking his shirt after a bad game or another in which he stung an opponent and reminded him about the track that he was doing better than him.

«In the United States we see many actions like this, the trashtalking It's the order of the day, things that happen", he claimed. He speaks from his own experience after his time in the US. «When you play a game you are at 1,000 beats and there are people who have more control, but now all the lights are in Luka. We do not know if, for example, in that action, they told him something before. The way to play and feel basketball is different in the NBA than here. There they are talking to you non-stop, it's different, ”said the former player.

Real Madrid, Barça and the risk of not playing in semis

Amaya Valdemoro It is normal that the Copa del Rey format allows, as will happen in this edition, Real Madrid and Barcelona are not in the final. And even so, he says, it won't be easy for a classic.

“Real Madrid and Barcelona are going to have to overcome two difficult matches with rivals like Bilbao, which has already won at Madrid, Barça and Baskonia this season. In addition, Valencia lost with Barça in the Palau, but for very little. He made a great match ”, warns the ambassador of Betfair.

On the other side of the table of the final phase of the Copa del Rey, Valdemoro believes that it is more open if possible. “For me, Casademont and Iberostar are the teams that have more options, but you can't forget MoraBanc, which He got in because Bilbao beat Barcelona. Oh and Unicaja! With Brizuela the team has changed a lot and they will go up for sure, ”he says.