ドラグ Doragu
Anime Boruto Episode #142
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
  • Tsuyoshi Koyama
Sex Male
  • Criminal

Doragu (ドラグ, Doragu) is a prisoner at Hōzuki Castle.


Doragu is an imposing individual. During his time at Hōzuki Castle, he developed a reputation that allowed him to rise to prominence among other criminals, who eventually came to obey his orders and take his lead. His rise was aided by his information trading, making himself valuable to others, while at the same time using it to have others carry out tasks for him.

In truth, his status was fabricated with the help of Benga, who set this up so Doragu would be in a prime position as a snitch for the chief guard. As such, while arrogant to Benga in front of the other inmates, Doragu is very subservient to Benga.

New Era

Mujina Bandits Arc

When Boruto and Mitsuki’s plan to have Kokuri transferred to their cell was blocked by Benga, they decided to dig up information they could use to pressure him. Arai took them to meet Doragu, who he believed would have that sort of information. Doragu confirmed it, and while interested in creating trouble for Benga, he couldn’t offer the information freely. He attempted to have Boruto’s sentence extended by putting him in a situation where he’d be caught stealing the bulb of the prison’s lighthouse, but Boruto was able to evade capture, so Doragu shared that Benga took many bribes.

Later, Boruto asked Doragu about the various ships that come to the prison. While telling the boy about the supply ships that regularly come, he later told Benga about the unusual conversation. During a nighttime stroll, Doragu came across Kedama, and asked him about his involvement with some prisoner’s breakout attempt. Kedama called him out for being Benga’s snitch, and intimidated him into silence when Doragu noticed his Heavenly Prison had been undone. While Doragu was surprised to learn Kedama would help someone without benefiting himself, Kedama insisted that he benefited by knowing help in a successful escape of the prison.

After the Benga’s demise, Doragu lost his influence in the prison, forced to keep his head down around other inmates.

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