Dozens of protesters set fire to Congress in a protest against the Government

Dozens of protesters have entered this Saturday at the headquarters of the Guatemalan Congress and they have set fire to the historic building, during a protest called against cutting education spending in the Budgets approved for next year.

Groups of hooded youth have thrown incendiary devices at the building, have broken several windows and they have finally managed to tear down the main door of Congress, to access its interior. After ten minutes of chaos, the Police have finally managed to evacuate the protesters and the firefighters have proceeded to extinguish the fire.

The protest had been called by several groups against the new Budgets approved by the Government that presides Alexander Giammattei. While thousands of citizens were peacefully demonstrating in front of the National Palace of Culture, where the Government is based, a violent group has gone to the headquarters of Congress and has managed to set fire to it.

Given these events, President Alejandro Giammatei has published a message on social networks in which he warns that “we cannot allow him to vandalize with public or private property. To whom their participation in these criminal acts is proven the full weight of the Law will fall».