Eight arrested for sexually harassing minors through the Internet

The police have arrested eight people for sexually harassing minors through the Internet. You are spread all over Spain, from Tenerife to Tarragona, but they all had one of their victims in common: a 13-year-old girl from whom photographs had been uploaded to the network.

The arrests have occurred in Tenerife, Tarragona, Ciudad Real, Badajoz, Madrid and Valencia. In this last there have been three of the eight arrests.

Several of the detainees had contacted the child under 13 to get more photographs and even keep appointments in person with her. At least one of them managed to sexually abuse the girl, who lives a few kilometers from his homeand, in fact, has been arrested twice during the police investigation.

The investigation was initiated thanks to the information received through the email denuncias.pornografía.infantil@policía.es that the National Police makes available to citizens so that they can communicate, always anonymously, the allegedly criminal facts or situations that endanger the child in the use of new technologies.

The case began in April 2017 when the agents received a message in which a mother alerted of the contact of her daughter, through a well-known social network, with a person who claimed to have a modeling agency. The agents verified the existence of an account in which a well-known brand of female lingerie was announced in search of girls, minors, who wanted to exercise that profession.

This offer was repeated on different social networks. Investigated the origin of these announcements, the police located a suspect, resident in the community of Madrid, with numerous backgrounds and they managed to locate a total of eight victims, in different Spanish provinces, between 12 and 16 years old.