“‘El Español’ manipulated what I said about seduction and threw me into the lions”

Álvaro Ojeda chats with José Manuel Soto, a famous Spanish singer, who has recently been singled out taking his message on the Twitter social network out of context, where for some time now he has become a celebrity for his activity. The singer says that “Español El Español” manipulated what I said about seduction and threw me into the lions. “

It has been said that he justifies bullies when he, in fact, makes it clear that “I was talking about seduction.” José Manuel Soto argues in this talk: «Between men and women there may be more relationships than rape and harassment, there are people who fall in love, there are people who flirt … And there are people who try to conquer someone and there is a tug of war. I was talking about it and trying to remove iron. And of course, that is distorted and the danger begins ».

Soto concedes that “someone insults me, I even see it as normal, because people are very tense.” But then he regrets that things have gotten mad lately: «When the press cuts off part of the comment and puts it in a headline, it is manipulating the subject, smearing and creating a very dangerous precedent. And when you throw a person to the lions, you are co-responsible for what may happen to them. ‘El Español’ says ‘José Manuel Soto justifies the harassers.’ Well, no, I’m talking about something else, seduction ».

Soto argues that «Spain is made of a highly flammable material, here we go from love to hate in nothing. Any comment from a well-known person and, immediately, the networks burn. This madness of putting all male-female relationships in a harassing key is nonsense. Of course, in harassment terms, a ‘no is no’ is clear, in rape terms, I won’t tell you. But there are other types of relationships, are there not? ».

The latest events lead Soto to analyze that «in Spain, society is much less tolerant today than it was 40 years ago. Before people used to go down the street free and fun and now I have the feeling that everything has become radicalized in a way that you have to be careful with what is said … We are becoming a crazy country ».

Soto regrets that «compliments can no longer be cast. Sometimes, at concerts, they call me “handsome” and I have to say “careful, I denounce you.” It is another madness. A compliment said with class, with elegance, I think that does not hurt anyone. If you go down the street saying outrageous to a woman, that is not valid and has never been valid ».

Are many doors closed to you for being the way you are? Yes, but others are opened. Several parties have made offers to me, but I am not interested in politics, I dedicate myself to music ». This is how he saw the controversy after the criticism of Estrella Morente for defending bullfighting during a performance in Operación Triunfo: «That is part of the progressive dictatorship, we must attack those who defend the bulls, attack a great centuries-old Spanish tradition, including of millennia. There is a slogan now that is to go for the bulls and for the bullfighting ».