Emirates predicts a robust recovery in the aviation sector despite the impact of the pandemic

The president of the Emirates airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Tim Clark, participated in the CAPA Aviation Center conference and said that the company he chairs expects a strong recovery in the aeronautical sector despite the terrible impact that has had the COVID-19 crisis in the sector, which has caused a large decrease in airport flow due to the restrictions imposed on travel by the authorities to tackle the current pandemic.

The Emirates chairman noted that the coronavirus has been “a technical error” in the history of the aviation sector and that global demand for air travel would return faster and stronger than expected. He also said that operators such as Emirates could even resurface with greater robustness thanks to this possible upcoming recovery.

“The pandemic is a technical problem. We have had many in the past, perhaps not as important and severe as this for our industry, but it is a technical problem nonetheless. We will get through it and we will recover, “said Tim Clark.

The manager pointed out that the business model of the airline based in Dubai is not fully threatened by the coronavirus pandemic; all this despite the travel limitations that have occurred due to sanitary measures imposed globally. “As you move forward, is there room for network operators of Emirates’ size, scale, style and brand? Of course. I strongly believe in that … Does it mean that people will not travel to the main international centers because they are worried about the virus? Once we have a vaccine and the world is resilient enough to deal with disease and possibly more pathogens as they attack us, then memories will be fragile and demand will be strong and the role of the network operator in many ways could. also emerge stronger than in the past. It is an interesting hypothesis and many people will not agree with me. They say, ‘no, no, no, you have to downsize.’ But I don’t believe in that, “said Tim Clark.

This forecast by Clark comes amid rumors that Emirates could revise the company’s strategy, which extends globally to the entire world. For his part, the airline’s chief operating officer, Adel Ahmad al-Redha, said in June that Emirates may need to redefine part of its operating model in response to the pandemic, as El Correo del Golfo recalled. Although Clark understands that the implanted model should not be reviewed: “We must assume that the growth curve that took place before the pandemic will recover.” “I think there will be a rebound and that demand will drive that rebound. If the airline industry is in good shape to respond, it is another question, “explained the president of the Emirati company.

Although, despite his optimism about the recovery of the aviation industry, Tim Clark acknowledged that in the short term the restrictions on air travel imposed by various governments are likely to “get worse before they get better.”