Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria’s romantic French weekend

Alien and focused on each other. So they are living Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria these days of September in which the bullfighter continues to be the center of attention. Not only because he is still waiting for the signing of the papers that will make his divorce official with Paloma Cuevas, but also because there are several voices, including Carmen Lomana, friend of the businesswoman, who suggest that she could be thinking of leaving Spain and start a new life far from the country where she was born in the company of her two daughters. While all this has happened, the right-hander has chosen to remain silent, also on social networks, until this Saturday, when she returned to Instagram to reveal where she was: in Nimes, France.

Enrique Ponce has fought in France with his girlfriend as a witness / Gtres

It has been work that has taken him to the Gallic town, yes, but the truth is that Enrique has been able to take advantage of the trip very well thanks to the already permanent presence of his girlfriend, Ana Soria, who has not hesitated to travel with him . Once again, the law student has not hesitated to pack her bags for become the best amulet of her boy, who managed to get out the front door on his shoulders.

Enrique Ponce, Ana Soria
The couple took advantage of the trip to get to know some corners of the city / Gtres

After the success of the bullfighting afternoon, nothing better to celebrate than with a romantic date for two that, on this occasion, took place in the streets of Nimes. Located on the Côte d’Azur, the city is full of monuments from roman times, such as the Pont du Gard, the Arena, the Maison Carrée or the Torre Magna to which Ana and Enrique surely paid a visit, thus turning a business trip into a very romantic one.

Although they were not holding hands, as on other occasions, the couple really enjoyed the walk, as Soria made clear on their social networks, where they shared an image of the romantic afternoon.

Ana Soria
Ana Soria has shared on her social networks some corners of her romantic walk / Instagram

Like all good things, their French getaway also came to an end and late this Saturday they arrived at Madrid airport loaded with suitcases and eager to get home to continue enjoying a beautiful relationship that, although it has given much to talk about , seems to be very serious.

Enrique’s pending tasks

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria
On Saturday night they arrived in Madrid / Gtres

Not everything is fun for Chiva, who has yet to solve his divorce with Paloma Cuevas. One of the latest developments is that they have decided to hire a common lawyer to make everything much easier, thus avoiding a fight in court.